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fuck pylox.... american brands.... NOW sherwin-williams makers of krylon an painters touch motha fuckin rustO!


The most common brand that you can get in The Philippines is Pylox. It's an Asian brand which is also sold in HK, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Pylox uses a male cap system different from the system used by Montana, Belton, Rustoleum etc.


They're around P120 to P140. You can get them in True Value and yes there's no age limit in The Philippines.

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:lol: pulsrs the toy, yaps like a bitch on the net... start a new screen name every month or what... post flicks or be coo, no haters here unless ur just a sucka....


Maybe cuz there graff scene is just starting to take off.
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i dont think i can out do my brother...


the latest story i heard was that his uncle bought him a call girl to come over to the house and my bro fucked and had this girl eat his ass out in front of the entire family.




my friends are tellin me i can go over there... and hook up with a lawyer or doctor easily.... but they dont get paid much out there... so i can marry for $$$ and have them make all the money over here in the states



they said with the way i look.... it'll be a little too easy for me.

hire up some bodyguards and shit...lol

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ok i got a couple of questions..

if you buy paint.. where do you buy it? is there an age limit? and how much is it?



When i was there last summer, decided to skope a couple of places. One of such is where to buy paint. What i gathered is in the PI, there is NO cameras what-so-ever. Easy to rak? i dont think so. There are probably 1 person who works at the store for every 2 customers that come into the store. its crazy

but paint isnt hard to get, saw some at department stores and stuff.


im expecting to paint in the PI next time i come down, so if your interested, mg usap ka sa akin

mg ingat ka dyan sa pilipinas pares!




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