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Looking for a picture of a streak that is a Turntable (record player), very simple and for some reason reminds me of the Book Man. It was on this thread last year, but I just finished looking through the ENTIRE thread and could not find it. If anybody knows of it or has a copy of a flick, Please respond.





I knew Exactly what you were talking about when I saw this post. I saw one on a Gondola that I flicked and thought the same thing, Bookman, oddly enough there was a bookman on the other side of the Gondola. I went thru my archives but can't find it, I also have this one, which I thought I posted before, caught in Virginia back in March....I'm also guessing you aren't talking about the Phonograff moniker.



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Damn, I was just whipping it up to the liquor store just now and wouldnt you know, on the way back, BIIGGG line of extended big boy flats posted up on the chill line goin by the crib. Im talking NS flats, GT flats, UP and MP flats, there as even a dime peice Hydro Cusion one. SIZE21 and a ouple other dudes had one side rocked end to end with matching schemes. Hopped over that bitch and the other side was blank. Either way, I didnt have a can on me but I alays sty strapped with the streaky. I walked the line and got every flat, streaks on both ends of every car. Had to duck from some city busses and other car but it was mostly chill. Talked to a hobo for a minute. Shit as ssooo smooth. That shit put me in such a good moood. And to make it even better, Im bout to twist up a soll El of some purple funk with the hommie. Then the yard. Idunno, I just felt like I needed to share this with some people that might appreciate how a good night like that can feel.


Peace you all, keep streaking!!!!

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