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Ipod hacks


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I just installed Rockbox, a new os for my 5g 30gb Ipod video. It's pretty sweet you can have a background image with it, custom eqs, and tons of games! If you're tech savvy and have an ipod, check it out. http://www.rockbox.org


I installed it in like 5 minutes. The good part is it can dual boot and you still have Apple's firmware safely tucked away.


I'll post some screenshots later or tomorrow. I'm too busy playing right now.

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I was nervous as hell too about the potential of ruining an expensive piece of equipment as well but if you understand how to unzip a file to where the instructions tell you, you'll have no problem. I just took some pics of the themes and Doom playing on it.


A little blurry...sorry, I'm preoccupied.



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i have one of the first 30gb video ipods ever released and ive never had a serious problem with it.


i also didnt pay for it and thusly have no kind of warranty for it. So maybe some divine power is protecting it.


I'm saying. People are always talking about their shit breaking within a year of having it.


I don't know what's up with all that noise; maybe Sony got wise and decided to make something that breaks easily after the 3rd gens.


All I know is that I copped mine at half-cost FOREVER ago and the worst that's happened was having it lock-up for a week.


Dudes must be brushing their teeth with these things.

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