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Straight from the horse's mouth...


"brothers good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brothers can't drive," Griffin told reporters.


Eddy Griffin crashed a one of 400 Ferrari Enzos worth $1.2 million, while going 30mph.







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the worst drivers are:


women drivers

old people



so if you happen to be a woman, old, and asian; then you've got three things going against you in the driving department.


honorary mentions go to young ghetto black males that just made their car downpayment and are so excited to be on the road. they somehow have the ability to speed and swerve through congested or stagnant traffic.


also as a runner-up are mexicans (pysas, not chicanos)... they drive those 1980's dirty hatchback hondas, or 4-door square honda sedans, usually red in color. sometimes brown or beige or silver. if they're illegal then multiply their bad driving by two. it's usually the dad driving, the mom in the passenger seat, and 8 kids in the back. and they stop in the middle of the street for no reason, and smile. possibly in confusion or embarrassment.


another honorable mention goes to white teenagers that drive at night on the weekends driving from house party to house party and yelling out the window; both males and females screaming at pedestrians, and for some reason laughing hysterically like dave chappelle decided to come back and do another season. they tend to swerve and speed for no reason. and hang their hands out the window like one would do on a roller coaster at six flags magic mountain.

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the owner sounds suprinsingly calm in the source. altho when you let other people drive your exotic cars you cant really get pissed if they fuck up.

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Dude I just saw it on the news. He had to be going more than 30 he was in the middle of a right hand turn and the car slid sideways off the track...

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me and my boy were just laughing about this like an hour ago, how you gonna let some moole drive a 1.5million dollar car that there is only 450 of...the irony is that he was permoting that dumb trendy tuner car movie... sucker

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I went to see my brother in rehab this weekend.

This tattooed-faced jerk bag gave me a ride.

He pulled up to pick me up with hip hop blaring.

While his five year old kid sat in the back seat.

Looking sad.

He is one of those jerks who likes to talk on the phone and drive.

Drive real fast, real bad.

It makes me real mad.

We were pulling out of the parking lot and he ran into a trashy girl on a bike.

Who was riding around with her dude.

I would assume buying drugs.

Because people who look like them just don't go on an early morning bike ride on a Saturday.

We had seen them earlier while leaving the taqueria.

I called them nerds.

Which they no doubt were.

Either way, it doesn't mean they deserved to be run over.


Girl gets hit and falls off bike.

Tattoo Face gets out, still on the phone.

And is only concerned with if his car is scratched or not.

Girl's dude told Jerk to get off the phone and apologize to his "wife".

Tattoo Face Jerk was too cool to apologize.

And tried to be threatening to other dude.

I don't know what was said.

But I guess they came to some agreement.

Jerk gets back in the car and says,

"It was that stupid fuking cunt's fault anyways."

While his 5 year old son sat in the back seat.


I knew this guy from back when we were both into drugs.

I wish he would have od'ed and died.

Now he is clean.

And all I can pray for is a relapse.


People like him make me glad that I don't leave the house that often.

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take his kid and run to El Segundo. if you get into any trouble, just say you left your wallet there.

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ayo, the REAL worst driver list goes: asian/indian/central american women, asian me/indian men and lastly hasidic jews. and just drive off the road if you find yourself surrounded by more than two of these groups at once. if you don't crash initially you haven't given it enough time.

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So, I can take it out of contex.. and delete puncuation.. and words... and still make it a quote.


Take it out of Cotex? Oh, hell no.

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i saw this in the news last night...and immediately thought he crashed it to get the insurance money.

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