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Canvas Techniques Thread


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graffiti on a wall is graffiti. graffiti on canvas is post-graffiti. Graffiti is looked down upon in our society, but post graffiti is accepted everywhere. U see post graffiti everywhere now a day like in advertising and media so i say keep on with the graffiti on canvas. It may not be accepted by hard core writters, but who gives a flyin fuck! are u gunna let l the hard core writters in the world tell u where when and how to paint. fuck that, be an individual and think and do for yourself.

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^^^^ i think its you! there is a difference. Movies made for the big screen are different once they get to TV.



the difference in perception between paper and canvas is that many people seem to think that just because you commit some media to a canvas you've made art, or that just because you've sprayed some paint on a wall you are a writer, it is not art and you are not a writer.


the difference is in the intent and an understanding of the limitations implicit in your chosen medium. Slapping some letters on a canvas with out the knowledge of the history of the canvas as a display mechanism is useless for 99% of people( the one percent are those born with immense natural talent).

What is the the purpose of slapping graffiti on canvas? fame? to exhibit your talent? if its the latter then you are competing with some very sophisticated and well educated and practiced artisans. People who have studied the history of painting, of art in general, color theory, perspective, light and shadow, and have an extreme knowledge and understanding of a vast array of materials.


In terms of being orthodox or not, this only works when you have thorough understanding of the rules that apply to what your doing. One must learn the rules to appropriately break them.


I for one will forever choose paper over canvas because i like the way it handles the mediums i like to use better then canvas. the point to me is its not the display mechanism its the work there of. Anything can be and has been used to make marks on, but in the end its the mark that make the piece successful or just another piece of trash.


I applaude your well thought out and written post. I'm not very sure that the movie/television comparison can be as relative as to the point i'm trying to make regarding canvases and their applications, I for one have equal love to each and every medium and surface applied to. But thats besides the point. (A better comparison would be weather a Bboy can exibit his skills in an all out competition between another rival crew/solo, or exibit his talent in a show (with an ignorant crowd) for prize money and and still pull off the respect of the Bboy community. (You can think Salah from France))


What the actual point i'm trying to make, is that (in my opinion and experience) one simply cannot cross his/her hands and shake his head in severe defiance to simply say that he must stay an orthodox writer/bomber/artist (whatever the terminology has become in the writer realm, I do not know anymore) and accept weather the implication of graffiti on canvas for whatever purpose would be considered feasable for the advancement of graffiti as an entire movement, or utterly an abortive assertion of ones talent/skill to spell out a statement that will only reach to deaf ears. I will get more into it, but i'm at school and the bell has rung.

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it would be tight if you actually took a gun and shot it a couple of times. annnnyways...


anyone who says painting canvas, and bombing, are similar. is retarted. bombing is scary as hell, but is also fun. anyone who says painting a canvas is similar has obviously never felt that shaky feeling when a car shines there lights on you turning a corner, and there you are painting the wall.


annnyways. point being, canvas's are cool... for getting two things, girls and money.


past that its all just interior design lol, nothing to do with graff.

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I think its there for contrast with all the yellow and bright colors.


Good contrast indeed, but I would not say the same for placement or the intent of putting a target right smack in the middle. In my opinion, its like looking at a big red rusty brick that got lunged right smack into the middle floor of a swimming pool behind a mansion. Great contrast, but the thing in the middle for me isn't very pleasing visually, and I don't see the great sensual purpose of it being there. It just looks like it doesn't belong there. But thats my way of looking at it, you can all see to it that you can look at it any way you want save for my lousy insight on a canvas.

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