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mecca hitler

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Re: mecha hitler




"Hitler was born in the small Austrian town of Glooberfsheckendinkilionunhiberunfiberlongburg at least 100 years ago into a family of 34 brothers, 2 sisters, 42 microwaves and 3 beds. Many believe this to be the source of Hitler's homosexuality though Hitler has been quoted to say "I had a few beers but nothing crazy happened". 4 of his brothers and 2 high ranking SS generals however claim that Hitler got the idea for blitzkrieg because he constantly splooged himself. During his school years Hitler had a what he claims was a "man-crush" and no more on Wilbur Wright of the Wright Brothers. After dropping out of high school he then enlisted in the German Army(Because the Austrian army was no more then 6 guys with pitchforks and a donkey that sometimes would haul a cart)and climbed to the rank of Gold Leader. Hitler was awarded with the Purple Heart after his X-Wing was shot down during the battle of Helm's Deep and he climbed through 2 miles of trenches laced with cocaine until he was able to reach a friendly outpost. After the Allies along with the help of that one black guy who was on Friends a couple years ago defeated Germany Hitler then disappeared for a bit. Several years later he was spotted again this time sporting his trendy moustache and was reportedly "More pissed off then ever"

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