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weird stuff you find on the tracks


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Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks


ive found so many skulls and dead things on the rails its not even funny.


ive found a bunch of vietnam era army helmets




like 12 couches


a shack with a dead hooker in it.


ive seen atleast 100 deer on the tracks.there are so many deers out here


i had a weird experience with the phone line where something happened to the line and i was able to hear peoples phone conversations.it was hella loud too haha.after that i had a bad headache and was nautious as all hell


thousands and thousands of water bottles


a ufo if you can believe it


a fire extenguisher


a bunch of paint(old school krylon still unused)


4 big ass 2 liters filled to the brim with piss


this is it cd


a refridgerator??


old ass tv


so many more insignificant things i have forgotten


also when i was up in bethlehem PA i got attacked by a group of deer.fucking a man.


You have seen a dead body, a ufo, and a man getting gangbanged by deer? all at train yards too?


PPPFFFFFFfffffffffffffttttt.....:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks


There must be something wrong with me. I actually read this entire thread. Can't believe I just read 11 pages of people talking about the trash they've found near train tracks.




Took that pic in an area of South Central L.A. known as Vernon. I wish I'd had color film in the camera, though--the wall is bright yellow, and the chair was red and white checkered.


I did see a dead dog the other day. Probably hit by a car, since the tracks run along a 55-mph highway. It had been there a long time and was starting to rot away. I've been encountering so many dead dogs lately, I'm starting to get traumatized. Taking a picture of something always makes me stop thinking about it, so I decided to snap one.


Then I was scanning my negatives and was even more traumatized by seeing the picture large on my computer screen than if I'd just walked on by it.

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Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks


A few nights ago I was headed home from a friend's house at around 4:30 AM and decided to take an alternate route by the tracks. It was a full moon and I spotted a Yamaha Kingquad parked in some bushes. I figure someone stole it in the area and quickly stashed it then went in search of a truck to pick it up.

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Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks


" Then I was scanning my negatives ... " Alright, a film photographer. Seriously, cool to work with film.


I don't have anything against digital cameras, but I prefer film. Just more fun for me. More of a process and lots of interesting surprises working with film. :)

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Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks


It is not un common to find all kinds of dead animals around tracks.You got to remember there's all kinds of santeria going on.Down south I found a bag chickens with there heads cut off.Sad to say there is real worship shit going on.

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