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BEAT the picture above you

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21 minutes ago, Fist 666 said:

@misteravenI'm curious if you can tell why the above image doesn't show? Is that the host being anti hotlink? 

Best guess is they're running some code to kill image leaching...


Honestly, I'd love to kill embedding 3rd party images entirely. When I relaunched this forum I had it disabled, but die to popular demand I enabled it.


It's considered bad practice as we're displaying an image hosted elsewhere. So we are taking advantage of someone else's bandwidth on top of using their image. Most small hosting accounts have limited bandwidth so a high traffic site will kill their account. In the past, we brought down a lot of sites like that and I got a lot of complaints. They'll often just break the link instead or install some code to prevent it. Other times the website just dies, but either way it results in broken images which obviously fucks up a lot of great threads.


Currently I implemented a sort of hack work around... Since we're serving the forum over a secure connection (https), serving embedded content in the page that isn't secure, results in an SSL security warning in the browser. To prevent that warning, the forum caches a local copy so it can be served securely and avoid errors. I've then set that cache expiration to *never expire* which sort of results in a copy of it. It's not a clean way to do it, as its not a true copy and isn't being copied to our Amazon S3 bucket where all other attachments on here live (taking advantage of being in a different cloud, having more advanced optimized caching a and a CDN, etc) but hoping to find a better solution down the road that doesn't entail breaking the bank or investing huge time to build.


Sounds nits, but just another one of those behind the scenes things I need to sort out, that ends up bogging me (and the forum) down.

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Never understood wth this scene was supposed to represent. After watching Room 237 it made a bit more sense



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Follow room 237 up with this. Debunks a lot of the bullshit, and talks to people who worked on the movie 



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