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The Two Montanas.

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Whats your opinion?


The German Montana?

Or the Original Montana?


Heres a little history for you:


"In 1993 two writers named Moockie and Kapi both from Barcelona Spain decide to open a graffiti/hip-hop shop. They contact a spray

paint manufacturer known as “Felton” in Spain for research and to negotiate prices. They discuss the potential of the graffiti art market

with the commercial manager at the spray can factory “Jordi Rubio” who later becomes the owner of Montana Spain. Jordi is

fascinated with the idea but Felton is unconvinced of the potential sales in a market for graffiti. Approximately one year later around

1994 Jordi asks Kapi & Moockie to help build a brand for the graffiti market. Kapi & Moockie contribute there knowledge of graffiti

needs and Jordi contributes his knowledge in the technical aspects of spray cans. In the spring of 1994 Kapi & Moockie organize an

event called “Aerosol Art” and invite artists from all over Europe. At this event they introduce the first Montana cans and this is the

first time graffiti artist’s use Montana paint. Shortly after Montana develops the “Hardcore” 400ml can which we know today and the

“Alien” can in 2001. During the course of 1994 news spreads that there is a graffiti store in Barcelona that sells quality paint very

cheap and artists from all over Europe gather there and take cans back to their home countries in bulk. The artists themselves became

the first exporters of Montana. By the end of 1995 these artists began to import Montana into their home countries on a regular basis,

at first Italy, then Switzerland and then France and the UK. During 1997 Montana grants the exclusive distribution rights for Germany

to L&G. Problems begin soon after. By 1997 Montana becomes well known and begins exporting to other continents. Montana Spain

began as and still is dedicated to the graffiti art culture and has remained a small company with about 50 employee’s involved with

their manufacturing facility and distribution. Spanish Montana contends that all their products are made with devotion to quality in

aerosol art culture. All Spanish Montana spray cans are hand made at their own facility as they have been since the beginning."


But using this German company as an export was a bad choice.


After being denied to buy the spanish company, german company L&G starts to make exact copies of the Spanish made paint, but in different cans.




This still stands today.




Seeing this, what is your opinions on both types of paint.


Personally, i like the Spainsh made paint.

But thats just me.

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im down for spanish montana but idk...montana gold is probably the best can i ever used, just a little pricey. so i think i would go with spanish. im not down to spend 8 dollars a can


final thought...i prefer hardcore

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i've never tried the german stuff. hear it's good though... i hear belton is very good too.. hardcore i've used and like, but paying for shipping on paint and waiting for it to get to you sucks. i do think it's pretty retarded that they got their name bit like that, though.

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im pretty sure the sickest color ever is actually rustoleum stops rust flat black, thanks.





i have used, and will continue to, at times, use spanish montana hardcore.

i have never used german. belton is OK but bet its worse than krylon for anything rusty or unprimed. hardcore is thick so it covers on bad surfaces, which i see as a bonus.


bottom line: spanish is better in my opinion. name biters are wack, most of the german montana is actual duplicolor colors with fancy labels and regular valves from what i have heard through the grapevine.


i think rusto is the shit though, if only it worked with more than two caps....

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i think rusto is the shit though, if only it worked with more than two caps....





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