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Ouija YL 3A Transcend CPS


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Originally posted by Shoefers

Im trying to make this sound non dickish...


does this guy do letters? Or is it like an abstact thing.. I like it none the less. But on these newer pictures I dont see any letters at all.. And Ive been trying.


It's cool, man. I know what you mean. I thought the TOE thing was pretty straightforward, much more classical.


There's really not a lot of extraneous crap in my pieces. It's essentially a simple. I guess some of the problem is that some of my letter construction is a warped version of an already warped thing. The O for example, it looks more like a backwards D. My crewmates have called my U a crab.


Aside from that, I think maybe my basis and theory might be a little bit different from your normal piece. Picture the piece as a flat plane, rather than a dimensional object. There's no forward and backward, like a 3D object. Everything is a flat 2D plane, so the lines are simply lines, not a border around anything. Because of that, lines can intersect, go through each other, and make parts of 2, 3, 4 or even all 5 letters.


The pic I attached here I'll lead you through. It's pretty simple when you break everything away. I really hate it because it's a piece of crap, but everything is made of one line, which connects back into itself. Like one of those infinity symbols with no beginning or end. There's a couple hard parts to discern, because i was an idiot and made it hard to see with the fancy effect crap in the 3D. The little dot on the left is the hole in the O and the other one on the right is the hole in the A. There's arrows on the sides which connect to each other, and some parts trail off into bubbles which connect back into other letters. Sometimes the bubbles reverse, so they start one way and go into the opposite direction. The bubbles really aren't filler. The bubbles at the top are part of the U, which would eventually flare off into a huge mass if the A didn't pick them back up. I guess the only extra crap would be the arrows, but I like them and it's pretty much requisite to have arrows in a piece. The letters may break and start into new letters, or the lines composing the letter may not connect at all, like in the O. The top of the O goes into one arrow, while the bottom trails off into another, but the only intersect and don't actually connect. The bottom of the O keeps going and makes the bottom of the U. I'll attach a pic in photoshop. I really shouldn't have picked this piece, because the letters have no thought put into them. Regurgitation.

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This U is atrocious. I'm sorry I have to show it to you. The one in that progress shot piece is much better. Excuse the bad photoshop skills, I just scribbled when it trailed off into other letters.

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