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The First Baby Of 12oz


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ok here are some names that will make him sound tough when people talk about him (some black names)




terreance(i remember this black chick in school said that all kids named terreance were cute)










more coming soon

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where are the sonogram pics? mmm>?


on the previous page..they made us pay 25 dollars to get a disc of pictures ..there were only 3..and 2 of them were just his spine!




fatalist...so true.. we havent come up with anything yet..haha poor baby



rushawn....haha well at least you got better sounding names than arabic names that are like abdudaduyalaaya




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ricker (odd one but ive heard this about twice now)

Whoa, when we were kids we used to refer to this large chested girl by her name 'Rickertits'. I think it had something to do with my 11 year old brother eating some biscuits off her tits or something (she was 17 at the time).


But yeah, me and the boys always used to refer to large boobs as rickertits from then on, like 'Whoa, check out those big Rickers!!!'

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thats my dads name, juan






noooooooo i found a name i love, but im not ognna say till mr agrees on it too


I'ma gonna steal your thunder....






















































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