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i looove pandas!

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Anyone got this video of a baby panda sneezing that I've been hearing so much about?

Wow. That was funny. Did you see how surprised the big panda was?


"wow that the cutest thing ive ever seen...."

"yeh your going to have to fire ten percent of your staff"






















(30 rock? anyone?)

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i think it takes like $3 million a year to care for a panda at a zoo.



sidenote, i prefer batz maru and chococat.












"im bliiiiiiind! im bllllliiiind!!!"


July 12, 2005—Forget sharks: The summer of the panda is upon us, and it's padding in on 20 pink paws. Last week alone five giant panda cubs were born in captivity: one at Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo and two pairs of twins (one of which is pictured above) at China's Wolong panda reserve. A newborn giant panda is about as big as a stick of butter and lacks the familiar black-and-white markings for its first month or so of life. Successful births in captivity are extremely rare—and extremely prized by conservationists, given the species's dwindling numbers. About 1,600 giant pandas remain in the wild, plus about 160 living in zoos and breeding centers, according to the National Zoo.

Adding a circle-of-life pallor to the otherwise rosy news, China this week announced that the world's oldest known giant panda, a female named Mei Mei, had died at a zoo in the city of Guilin at age 36—or about 108 in human years.

—Ted Chamberlain

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They look like they are gummy animals with the sugar sour stuff coating them...


Not gonna lie I wanna eat them...and prolly wouldn't give it a second though if they were infront of me...

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No youre a bad person because eatting penguins is not original...gummy panda eatting is the new black in 07

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...and I'm a bad person for wanting to eat a penguin...gebus


noooooooooo :bawling:






pandas are pretty bad ass though.

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those asians are serious about their pandas. i like this.



presenting A Day in the Panda Life:





good morning!!



i'm so fancy!!




summer time is great!



omg, one building to the left, one building to the right! i love sightseeing!




party picture!



pandas are so cultured.



panda myspace pic. i love art.



weee!!! hahhaha! pandas love to frolick in the grass!



the end.








panda jeans



panda purse




panda hand towels



panda water bottle holders

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