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bloodfart's hair cut appreciation thread


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Get a SOULOTTE. It is the greatest haircut ever. Such legends as Alex from Clockwork Orange and ALL of the Beatles had the Soulotte. GET A SOULOTTE OR EAT A VAGINAL BLOOD FART ASSHOLE. SOULOTTES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


o, and this.

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corn on the cock 4 up, 1 down

while in the act of anal intercourse, the penis is pulled out, and a piece of corn is on the said penis. as you know, corn does not digest, making this possible. usually best to flick it off, and go right back into the act.

while mel gibson performed buttsex on jodi foster, he came out with some corn on the cock, but he would not let her love for corn get in the way of his buttsex.

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This reminds me, I need to manscape tonight.


Maybe I'll cut some lines and arrowz into my patch because I'm the King.

King of wut? King styyyyyle.

Shit i got styles that's already more complex that nobody know about.

I mean super duty tough work.

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fuck no i dont want my own week... Its bad enough notable members are constructed into larger than life avatars based on their omline personas and then demolished like utopian ideals verses human nature..... Less yall niggas know bout me the better off.. Im just amazed at a whole lot of you and the way yall act with each new semi anon screen names... Most notably the younger cats that grew up witch the oontz.... Yall niggas confuse me to no end...

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