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UFC & MMA thread

Blaise Pascal

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Barnett just tested positive for something.!!!... commision might not clear him.... fight with Fedor might get called!


Yeah it isn't the first time with Barnett, and they are talking his replacement is either Belfort, Lashley, or Rogers. Personally I want to see Rogers get annihilated because he has fought nothing but jokes.

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when fedor gets beat by rogers, his shot at getting in the ufc is done.

i'd bet money that dana white has something to do with barnett testing positive.

if affliction has to cancel this event theyre going out of business.

perfect for dana white.

fedor wont fight until he signs with ufc because if he gets beat the brock v. fedor hype is over.


my thoughts...

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It's confirmed Fedor vs Belfort.


This is Fedor's last fight on his contract then it'll be a frenzy of offers from Dana to get him into the UFC.


I hope the fight happens in Vancouver (June 2010) along with the rumours of a GSP vs Anderson Silva.

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gsp isnt gonna fight silva.

hes a bitch.

probably the most boring fighter to watch.


not knocking his skills.

dude can wrestle with the best of em.


i wouldnt go as far as calling him a boring fighter, but yeah it is kind of a bitch move for him to not step up to middleweight to fight silva when he is the supposed 'future' of the welterweight division


and from what ive noticed, silva is taller yet a little less built than GSP which probably makes him a faster fighter, even though my man GSP can handle pretty much whatever you throw at him. he took alves down 9 out of 10 times with a fucked up groin for christ's sake, shit takes balls to even attempt that... literally :lol:


RUSH vs SPIDER would definately be a fight though

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From what ive heard fedor doesnt want to join ufc because as he put it, they dont treat the fighters like humans.


there was an article that addressed the main points, being:


1. There is no outside competition alowed. i.e. Fedor would not be able to partake in sambo fights for russia, he said that he doesnt get paid for those sambo fights, he does it for pride of country.

2. Any merchandising, any sponsorship, any endorsment deals would go directly to the ufc and the fighters cannot get any of it.

3. IF fedor keeps his undefeated streak he will not be released from his contract until he is no longer undefeated. (seriously)

4. if fedor loses his undefeated streak, he will be fired whenever dana white wants to fire



those were the main points, he also said that the contract was 19 pages long and referenced randy coutours fight with ufc when he tried to leave the company when he was champion and the company wouldnt allow him to fight in any other promotion.

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It's pretty stupid that Dana White won't make a few concessions for Fedor considering how good he could be for the UFC. A Lesnar vs. Fedor fight could easily eclipse UFC 100 in terms of total viewers/PPV sales. I also read UFC has something cooking with ESPN, as in some future fights might actually be broadcast for free. A lot will be cleared up on Friday.

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