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UFC & MMA thread

Blaise Pascal

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soo... wouldn't you have won $50 since the win and loss cancle each other out?


whoops, yeah i meant 50 bucks.. i wasnt in the right state of mind homie :lol:




the thing about the lesnar/mir fight is that i wish brock couldve just knocked him out on the stand up though, that would be far more interesting than see him be on top of mir punching while mir does hardly nothing for a round and a half... i fucking hate ground and pounds



Lesnar vs Mir... im surprised these dudes already have the match 4 hours after the ppv ended

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MMA blackbelt eh?





i take kenpo at a school where the teach mma also, therefore being a black belt means im a blackbelt in both


mixed martial arts isnt an art, its a style of fighting which is the opposite from kenpo because that is an art....

and i dont do "mixed martial arts" its jujitsu for ground and kenpo for standing (fighting) therefore MMA

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yo but what really bothers me is that lesnar made it straight to the top in just five fights when most people have to work there ass off and do at least twenty fights just to become champion FUCK LESNAR!!!!


thats what im sayin, in boxing you have to earn your way to the top no matter how good you are...hes just too big, dude just laid there and bullied him. it is what it it is i mean he won fair and square but hes still a bitch in my mind. there needs to be another weight class and just let like the bob sapps and worlds strongest men type dudes fight if thats how they want the ufc to be. cause if not this fag will just stay on top. dana should do something about the way he acted if he wants to keep the prestigeness' of the sport or else hes gonna become the new wwe

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