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UFC & MMA thread

Blaise Pascal

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Funny you should say this, as I've been thinking of asking on here for a while who that follows MMA thinks there's a fix on some of these fights?


I'm not sure if that fight was fixed or if it was kind of pseudo fixed, like Ken can't take a huge beating so when he gets punched just call it. Kimbo didn't really hit him but once or twice and managed to open a cut with just that, and did Bellator want to be responsible for this 51-year-old legend getting his wits knocked out of him permanently?


Anyhow, curious what people think about the whole fixing idea.

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I'm really not sure what to think of it, I really hope there aren't any fixes though. From what I've seen people say about that particular fight, is that it's incredibly hard to believe that someone with Kens background couldnt lock up a guillotine choke that Kimbo gave up with NO resistance. The KO is more believable IMO, because I've seen plenty of fights where people look like they barely get hit but go night night

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I suspect there have been some.

It was a RNC, and recall that when he put it on Slice seemed to tap right away but the ref didn't see it as such and I haven't heard that mentioned. Slice kind of rolled out of it, dudes were commenting that he just flexed his neck. Also funny that Ken was walked out by Road Warrior Animal. Lame ending to a night of good fights.

I'd like to RNC this:


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Forgot to add, now that I've seen those Reebok uniforms, they're fucking horrible! LOL. The corner men looked like orderlies, although that might be fitting depending on how their man did. Just awful design all around.



Dude they might as well have been wearing scrubs haha. I don't know how you can be as big as Reebok and come up with such garbage designs. I don't know if you saw when they first showed them, but they got the names wrong on SO many uniforms. The best was "Giblert" Melendez. They should be embarrassed.

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