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UFC & MMA thread

Blaise Pascal

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Miller is a 12oz fav? Since whn? I believe I had Diaz winning. That kos/hendricks fightwas about as close as a fight gets, and easily could of gone the other way.


Since Cunt Eastwood, substance and commando backed Miller. It was only u n me that had Diaz n he schooled Miller

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Kz gets fotn and sotn bonuses. And Dana said he gets the winner of Aldo/Koch


Gracie posted a big thing about why Nick didn't make the fight. It had much more to do with brazillians being shady liars. And he donated the same amount of money to the charity out of his own pocket.


By the way the match wasn't "for charity". It was a regular match that nick decided he would donate his winnings to the childrens hospital for.

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Korean zombies fights are ALWAYS entertaining. I wish he would've taken the fight vs Aldo, that one would be great.




Edit* After the fight, he said he wants Also. Cant wait.


Yeah he turned it on allright but he was getting tired toward the end. Don't think he's got the cardio/stamina for 5 rounds. If he fights Aldo for the title and it gets into 4th/5th round territory I think Aldo'll have a big advantage


Also Cowboy totally dominated, dunno how it ended up being full 3 rounds

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Some of you guys like my opinion... And I have been right more than wrong. So here is what I think.


Kz has the best chance to beat Aldo because stylisticly he gives him the hardest matchup. For one, he can take shots to get inside, two he can take Aldo down, he's got the best grindy wrestling in te class by far.


I give him the same chance to beat Aldo that I give sonnen to beat Silva. Brazillians are really bad at American style wrestling. And kz has American level wrestling.


But here's where I think the difference is, and how I'll think he'll win. Aldo studies Gracie bjj. Kz LOVES 10th planet style. You can google Eddie bravo if you don't know the difference. But the short is, dudes that study bravo bjj have a much better chance of submitting Gracie bjj dudes.


The twister is a bravo move, and kz is the first to ever pull one off in uFC. The diamond has amazing bjj.. Did you see how lackluster he looked on the ground? Remember when Dustin tried to take him down and kz reversed and ended in mount?


If Kz wins I think it'll be on the ground.


But hey WTF do I know.

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Chael Sonnen knows nothing, he didn't even know that tapping out would cost him the bout?

Bullshit artist.

Also the card for 146 is shit, been shuffled so many times, so many dudes pulled out, especially pissed about the super samoan getting injured.

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