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UFC & MMA thread

Blaise Pascal

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I dont see it as whining at all, we were arguing/debating why the fight was/wasnt boring and I called no names until your fan said something like im a sweaty frat boy or something.


You dont seem to know shit about anything else in any other thread, so if you really do know about ''fighting'' then kudos, you've got something.


But im for real not going to argue you anymore, neither of us will budge and I dont want to fill this already lame ass thread with nothing but mindless bickering.

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I called no names until your fan said something like im a sweaty frat boy or something..


Psst... That wasn't me. so that means you talked shit to me for something someone else said. I don't need to call people names because i disagree with them.


I also post in the cooking thread. And the tattoo thread. and the Game of Thrones thread.


All of which im quite knowledgeable about. So i don't know what you're talking about.

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Im just saying I didnt throw the first punch. (No pun intended)


And its the internet man, if name calling and insults arent your style its all good.

I just prefer to lace my input wit profanity and derogatory terms.


I dont know shit about cooking or Game of Thrones other than its awesome and I need to catch up.

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1st one with the Knee is fucking crucial.


I thought it was funny Evans acted like he wiped his ass with anything, because numerically, jones wiped his ass with Evans.


His fucking arms are so god damn long that he does in fact throw them like punches.

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Although he might be fighting Chael Sonnen...





Im REALLY excited to be getting Lombard in the ufc. I hope he's as good as he seems to be. But i haven't seen him fight a top tier in years. I know he trains at American Top Team though so he's got amazing sparring partners.


I'd really like to see him spend some time at Jacksons MMA with Jon Jones.

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I'd say Diaz, I woulda rather seen Diaz/Guillard but that's life.

Also Stann/Lombard hey? Really throwing him in the deep end there.

Also found this


1. Diaz beat the shit out of Guillard years ago. And Guillard just lost to miller, and if he won miller, he wasn't getting diaz.


2. Uh if you mean that Stann is in the deep end then yeah. I'd say so. But it's good that he accepted the fight, he has heart. But i have a hard time seeing lombard lose that fight.

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Think with your brain not your throbbing erection for Lombard...


I kid..


But Ill go ahead and say Miller over Diaz, not a huge Diaz fan.

I dont have some knowledgable fighting termanology to explain why but Ill just

go on record saying so.


I got the Ben Rothwell fight right, and everyone else was screaming for Schab

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