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Okay Weed-Heads Here Is The New Shit....

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I know alot of you on 12oz are a bunch of low life pot smoking losers so here is a new trick


I will make it big for you so you can see it better but its a long story so use them lasting brain cells to read this


Vaporware for Potheads

Herbal enthusiasts -- otherwise known as potheads -- are putting a high-tech spin on the age-old practice of getting high as a kite. Tokers are turning to specialized devices that vaporize marijuana rather than burning it. The vaporizers get hot enough to extract all the plant's psychotropic chemicals, but not hot enough to actually combust. The smoker gets a hit of sweet, sticky vapor -- and an allegedly healthier high, since the carcinogens and solid particles get left behind, that's especially attractive to users of medicinal marijuana.

Put on side one of Dark Side of the Moon and check out the latest in the other kind of vaporware.











The author demonstrates a vape hit from a handmade Vapor Peak vaporizer. Dial in the correct temperature (320 degrees is the sweet spot) and wait for the heating element to get hot. Fill the glass chamber with herbs, fit it onto the vaporizer's ground glass nub, then suck the hot air across the herbs and through the whip.





More pictures and info here


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it's okay seffiks, you contribute more than enough, you're allowed a slip up here and there j/k

i don't give a fuck if i come off as a pothead or whatever blah blah blah, nothing better than an informed smoker (oxymoron-i think not)......anyways,

over the last 4-5 years i'd say there has definitely been a boom in vape technology. the one seffiks posted, the vapor brothers brand is the most popular, well affordable/popular vape. there have been the vapir ones(theo ne that comes with the dvd or instruction cd with a matrix movie cover) which is a total waste of money. if you are going to piss away that much money for a vape, get the ever so popular volcano that inflates a plastic turkey bags(see the nyc thread for all the rave reviews) haha. yes the german supermarket turkey bags come with them if i remember correctly, but a vegetable bag from the supermarket works just as well. i always bust my buddy up for not carrying all the "rip off" vapes, he sells only vapor brothers vapes(the pic sefficks posted) at his shop. i oculd go on forever talking aobut this. but at the end of a day i like putting the effort into twisting an el or ripping some shit out of a glass on glass tube. but if you want a healthier route.........clear papers aren't as bad as everyone thinks, and ultimately the vape only heats up the thc resin glands on the buds, so youre left with little kernels of nug. most people just throw that shit out, the smart ones save it and cook it in butter and make whatever food out of it you want.

this is probably the longest post i've ever typed out, go figure. on that note i am going to not vaporize.

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I once made a vaporizer for under $10 using a soldering iron and a mason jar.

not a far cry from what i've seen sold in places i'd never even expext to see them in.

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yeah....vaporizers arent a new concept...


i know some frat guys who smoke from a vaporizer constantly.

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