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Do these letters look bitten?

Guest WebsterUno

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Asking for criticisms one sketches seems rather pointless to me. Perhaps itas just my style and personal painting ways, but my sketches NEVER come out looking like my peices. I always change my burners as I paint them, the sketch is simply a small idea of what i'm doing. Too many ideas come into my head as i put the burner up on a wall, or train, or whatever it is im painting. The whole idea of doing the same peice of artwork, exactly the same, twice, seems dilute to me. I prefer to do something slightly different each time when it comes to seperating from outside mediums and paper.


artfag alert. ...


meep meep.


no, its not me.

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My take on sketchin is do something different everytime..dont keep 1 style your whole life. It gets boring after a while. Alot of the stuff i do is def influenced by others. Im likin this sketch myslef. People are sayin the B looks out of place..im feelin that B, because it doesnt really go along with the others. Stuff that mite look bad to people can look good to others, its not that it is wak, its different, and im feelin this sketch. If this sketch doesnt look good to a person, what the hell, waht is graffiti supposed to look like? My take on graff is to try and get new styles everytime..peace

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