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Harvey Wallbanger

Making movies based on plays based on movies

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is just stupid. I recently had the misfortune of seeing almost half of The Producers on HBO (I was staying at my Mom's house, and I got home drunk, turned on the TV, and sat down before I realized that the remote was missing, but I was too fucking beat to get up and change the channel) and it fucking sucked nuts. The original was hysterical. People should stop reprising Gene Wilder roles, because they're just going to fuck it up. It's too bad Johnny Depp didn't realize this, or he could have saved himself the trouble of ruining Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.




Anyway, I bring this up because I wanted to share this picture with you. Yes, that's John "I used to be a sex symbol, I swear" Travolta playing a fat woman in the upcoming Hairspray remake. Whoever owns the company that supplies fat suits to Hollywood is fucking loving life these days, since apparently all the public wants to see is regular sized dudes playing fat old women. In all fairness, I guess Travolta is kind of fat these days, but still, c'mon dude. How many times do you think Quentin Tarantino can revive your career?

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i thought she looked familiar...
































look at those hands


that bitch is hurt

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Guest R@ndomH3ro

This makes me want to go on a murderous rampage.

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did you ever see the season of "curb your enthusiasm" where larry david was staring in the producers? that was non-stop hilarity.



anyway, fuck all this other stuff....people need to stop shitting on the classics just because theyve run out of plot lines.

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