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yes, but over all you shouldnt bomb in ur school at all cause that could get u atleast suspended and maybe even expelled plus aint know one gunna se it except for hte people in ur school and iif they already know you whats the pint of gettin ups???? But yea if u bomb in your schoool that state property so it everyone takes it more seriouslt. If your dying to though then yes get a new tag

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dont bomb your school that takes away budget from the sports team including football... i dont want to miss a chance at senior championships because some buttfucker wants to write the word shit and swatsticas on the wall.


I think this has to be the best response I have ever seen on a graffiti forum...

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this thread should be printed out and then cast in bronze for all eternity.


No, the original poster needs to be shot and then cast in bronze for all eternity.

To answer the O.P.:


Tell you what, since you are so worried about it - start a thread asking somebody else to "Design My Tag For Me, PLZ." Then, get a bunch of "Etch" and "Homemade Krink" and make sure you "Silence Your Cans." Go out and "Graff" that shit. And don't forget to rhetorically ask yourself "Why Should I Wear a Respirator?" And later, when you start a thread called "I Got Caught On Twelve Different CCTV Cameras Bombing My School, Am I In Trouble?" I'm going to fucking laugh so damned hard, I'll shit myself a couple of times.


Seriously, these threads are starting to get absurdly over-abundant. Go over to Bombing Science and chill with the other tools - with this as your opening post, I don't think there's much hope for you here.

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In a horrific twist of irony, your buddy Genome was just arrested by the Polizei, after nearly a decade of owning a clean criminal record. As in, non-American, non-escapable German police officers. They were nice enough to get me a cup of water (but no lawyer,) take my keys, go into my house, take all my supplies (art and graffiti) and translate the really hard words back into English. Now, looking at the possibility of thousands of Euros worth of fines, and being shipped home across the Atlantic, I realize the truth of what my fiancee told me while the cops ripped our bookshelf apart - I'm a fucking moron.


Sorry guys. Looks like I'm looking at the end of my job, my time in Europe, my economic stability, all because unlike in America, these guys got to do whatever they wanted with me, as long as I was told in English to sign a piece of paper, one way or the other. That is, of course, if the fiancee doesn't kill me, first.


So, essentially, what I'm saying is, my computer has been confiscated, along with my livelihood, and I'm borrowing a buddy's lappy to write this current post. I'm going to have to abandon 12oz, and obviously this thread, for a little while. Take care of each other, and if somebody would be so kind as to keep bumping this thread up, adding new advice and commentary, I'd owe them one. The irony of creating a new I.D. to beat the heat, and then immediately be arrested, does not in any way escape me.


Wish me luck,



P.S. If anybody knows of the right ways to "rub" the German legal system, let me know here in the thread. Much love, guys.

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Guest spectr
noo need to be sarcastic bud.


haha.. no really go look at what you typed.. then consider you typed it on a graffiti fourm.. i know it might be a bit hard for you to do... but at least give it a try... you might understand but if you don't its all good.. just keep trying..

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