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HEAVYLOX the screen name & freinds: WORKS ON PAPER

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This thread is dedicated to the wonder that is paper. Id like to give a shout out to the countless hours through out my life dedicated to the pursuit of doodling; Big up yourself father time.


Id like this to be a thread featuring things I like, things Ive done, things friends have done.


*** Should you post images IN this thread? Consider the following questions:

  • Do you know Heavylox the screen name?
  • Do you know The idiot behind the screen name?
  • Have we cold kicked it the hottest of hot AOL chat rooms?
  • Are you within 2 direct degrees of separation from ether one of my two only real life hoomies? (and I don’t me Todd that dude is a dick)

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you to might be able to post things you like of have done here as well.


The point is, is to have a slightly more controlled version of the bible. So in terms of quality things should stay consistently high, with exception of things of mine I post (deal with it), cause I’m a power hungry mod and I can delete your posts.




Discussion is welcome, if you hate me or any one who contributes keep in mind you can hate more effectively quietly to yourself in the your bathroom (door closed lights off).



Ok on with the show.





shurely you cant be sherioush!


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i'm pretty sure my camera's about to die a thousand deaths. i couldn't get a decent shot of this to save my life. but the freshosity cancels out the shittiness of the flick, so here ya go:




rath by Abracadazzler

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