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RGK Boys....


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Hola gabachos feos de la "RGK" graffiti club/union/sewing circle etc. etc. etc.

It's me eat (the other eat not cursive or whoever else has good taste in letter choice-ing)

I wanted to tell you fine folks that I rather enjoyed your late night areosol pictographic innovations, BERGS HORSE DOBER, (i think there was more but I was hitting the sauce a little harder that evening) I wrote to inquire as to whether or not one of you had taken residence in our fair city or la familia de los wiggers realisticos had simply ingested some hallucinogenic fungus and driven the wrong way down 35? In either case, let me know of your plans for futher taco town chicnanery, and as to whether or not there might be a couch in capitol city I might take residence on for a night or two. I'll Bring the gin!


eat. Lazy mexican squad

Bad Habits


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:cool: Ummm...Mayhaps you missed the part where i said "the other" which would imply that there's

more than one of us. (and i won't even start with the"DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WRITE THE SAME FUCKING NAME!" rant) but none the less I've had this discussion before, where a rather drunken Reign and I decided that the problem could be simply addresed by the adding of an "O" respectivly. So Mrs.Comidabuena, (if that's your real name...)

I belive i will be sticking to my nom de guerre and you, madame, can go jump in one of austins bodies of water i.e. a lake.

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