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the un official workout thread


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Wheybolic 60 before bed, but my go to protein is always Isopure, it is pricey but great with water.


Creature creatine by Beast Nutrition has shown me great results and I never needed to go through like a preloading phase.


And since I'll be cutting soon and hate majority of thermogenics on the market I'm gunna do 3 weeks on, 2 off of Clenbuterol to lean out,

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@fish...the c4 is just ok...im thinking of trying blox or MP's assault.


ive read a lot of not so good things abour clen so i cant co-sign that but isopure is really good but a bit out of my budget...i just went halves with a friend on a 5 pound tub of ON's gold standard protein...cake batter flavored...not too bad.

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I'm not AGAINST supplements, I just hate the market for them because it's so easy to get sucked into the idea that you NEED all this stuff to be healthy or to have good effective workouts. It's just not the case. Want a good preworkout boost? Eat an orange. For real.


I have trouble sticking with a protein anyway, as in taking it regularly. Currently I'm using this stuff:





It tastes good enough, especially with almond milk, but I mainly tried it out because of it's minimal ingredients.

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Protein is good if you can afford it constantly. $150 for 3kg of good quality whey here in Aust.

Would rather buy tins and eat chicken if it's a toss up.



Plus you know what you are getting with meat.


I buy protein at Costco and the bag lasts me months.

I only use it on days when I end up needing to hit my protein target due to not eating like I normally do for whatever reason.

It's a good thing to have around, but it's fucking food and not good tasting food.

I'd rather hit my macros with dead animals and candy than protein powder.


Use this u fucking fagalas...



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@fish...the c4 is just ok...im thinking of trying blox or MP's assault.


ive read a lot of not so good things abour clen so i cant co-sign that but isopure is really good but a bit out of my budget...i just went halves with a friend on a 5 pound tub of ON's gold standard protein...cake batter flavored...not too bad.


If you have a Nutrishop in your area. They have their own line of product. I tried a couple samples of "nsane" and its decent. better than C4, comparable to to the old jack3d before they removed the DMAA. Some jitters and tingling but i dont mind that. Ive used white flood by controlled labs before also. Good pump and focus with out the feeling like you want to jump out of your shoes. check out nutrishop, they always gives free samples of their own brand.


ON 100% whey is a good protein. Just about done with 5 pounds of banana cream and have some pretty decent gains.

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If I was worried about it I would go for a swim today and tomorrow before the ride. (Ocean is better)

Casual as though, breaststroke until you get out the back then float on your back for about 10/15 mins.


Everyone is different but I feel it really loosens me up. If that's not possible try an icebath,

Local servo couple of $2.50 bags of ice and a rubbish bin, fill 7/10 with water and then add the ice, add some salt if your a gourmet type. Again, one today one tomorrow.




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Ran stairs yesterday. Legs hate me today.

Am meant to ride up a small mountain tomorrow

, interested if anyone has any tips on reducing DOMS over night.




Yeah, I know, only cure is time.....



I don't think there is anything you can do "overnight"

I do a pretty good warm up before i go into HIIT or lifting.

Stretching and foam rollers became my best friends after work outs too. Bought one

on sale at Target for like $20. works better than the ones at the gym in my opinion.

The days following leg workouts or heavy riding or running i do light cardio in the AM. just to get my muscles warmed up for the day. It helps with the aching, but you know its there when you go to sit down and get up.


hope this helps

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i have good muscle memory but as of now im a stick figure (arm wise). my chest is alright i guess i would like more bulk there if possible. legs is good i walk everywhere. and i need to get me mid better too. diet needs structure. i wanna get fit and healthy again. what yall think? any advice?


I can try and help as much as possible.


The way i started was by just making healthier choices. Stay consistent on work outs. Even if they are 20 mins a day 3 times a week.


Fasted cardio first thing in the AM seemed to work best for me. I needed to lose a lot of weight though. Im only 6' tall and was pushing 250lb.


I read a lot into macro nutrients and calorie counting. I can seriously type for days on the info i researched. But basically what i did as far as a diet was find out how much weight i wanted to lose in a certain amount of time. Figure out how many calories i would have to eat per day to reach that goal. Then build the foods i would eat to meet those goals.


This is just an example; daily values depend on your goals. you can switch up a diet to what ever your goals are. im just throwing some numbers out there for the idea.

For example. If i weighed 220lbs and wanted to weigh 210 in 5 weeks. that is 2 pounds per week. To maintain 220 i would have to consume 2100 calories. to cut 2 pounds per week i would have to reduce that by 400 to 1700 per day. Now build that 1700 around the macro nutrients. Fat, Carbs, and protein. Fat is about 9 calories per gram, carbs and protein are 4 calories per gram. So 90 grams of fat, 80 grams of carbs, 140 grams of protein. is roughly about 1700 calories. Now you would have to break down and split it all into meals.
this was all just an example.


The thing i dont like about splitting into meals is you feel like you cant eat when you're hungry. Never starve yourself.


Ok the diet rant is over. I think you get the picture. Just read up and gain knowledge. Its all on the web. Dont want to get too annoying.


As far as the workouts. Warm ups are always a must. To me at least. Help loosen tendons and helps with the aches afterwards. Running is overall a great workout. It's full body, heart rate is up and blood is flowing. It make take a toll on your joints at first as it did mine. but it gets better.

As far as lifting and building muscle. Its not impossible but its more difficult to put on size while dieting. Thats why high protein during a cut or diet helps preserve lean muscle. You can get a cut look and be lean, but strength might be lower than anticipated.


There is videos on youtube for every workout you can think of.

Just remember proper form over weight.

I see guys all the time load 215 pounds on a squat bar and barley bend their knees. Then high five cause they did 5 reps. You'll never get the results you want doing that.

If you start a workout routine. Id say stick to something simple that is full body. Maybe three times a week. Have a light, medium, and heavy day. allow rest between each day. starting weight is trial and error.

I see it all the time on facebook from friends "leg day" "chest day" when they are beginner lifters. I think muscle isolation comes later down the road when the basics have been conquered.


To make a long post short. Research food. Start slow and dont jump right into cutting and macros but research. same for lifting. find a routine that works for you. squat, deadlift, bench press, curls, calf raises ,overhead press and bent over rows are the basics i started with and worked for me. i did cardio on non lifting days to not burn myself out. or cardio after lifting for about 20-30 minutes. core and ab work on the same days as cardio. but with the diet and lifting your midsection should peek through without hardly any isolation to the muscle group.


hope this helps. now that i read it back it sounds like a bunch of rambling.

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I used to run in a lot of 5k/10k races, but I'm done for now. It's expensive and I'm not competitive at all. I run about 4-5 miles a day. I usually stick to salmon/chicken/turkey. I'm trying to get cut instead of bulking. 5'10" 140.......Wana stay lean and be quick with my getaway sticks.



Pull ups: 3x8

Dips: 3x15

Shoulder Press: 3xmax

Pushups: 2-3 setsxmax



Chin ups: 3x13

Dips: 3x15

Shoulder Press: 3xmax

Lateral Raises: 3xmax

Pushups: 2xmax


I really need to stop slacking on the sit-ups. I also need to work on the forearms a bit too.

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