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Heh... your in for a whole lot of trouble,

gonna be the same old song and dance...

wow, sorry about the bad VanHalen refrence, but your gonna get you a new hole ripped for asking such a stupid open ended question.


Heres a possible answer...

A, Find a train.

2, Get close to it.

Then, Look at it.

Viola! A Streak!


Or, you ccould get this answer... I usually get streaks from eating chili cheese dogs and reading pointless posts on 12oz.


And one more answer you also may get...


1 - Read First - Chances are you questions have already been asked, so read before you post.


2 - Search First - the search function works really well. Use it to search


3 - Think Before Making a New Thread - just observe rules 1 and 2 and this should be clear.


happy hunting

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were can i get them offline


Yea, a lot of people on 12oz are assholes ( no offense to the assholes ) but any place such as Office Depot and stuff like that will sell Mean Streaks. I suggest running away REALLY fast now, creating a new account and forgetting you EVER posted this.

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