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I sense betrayal in GPS


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"The colors found in the car matched those from tags sprayed earlier Friday on a train at the Forest Hills T station, police said. " this is what disturbs me the most. how can you tie someone to something based on colors? thats like saying there are only XX amount of colors of spraycans in the world, and XX amount of writers in the world that use the colors....it makes no sense. i guess it true that you shouldnt look like a tourist, but a local.

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Yep, your both correct as far as i can tell, i agree, just found it interesting and slightly disturbing. i hope someone follows up on this story to see what exactly happens.


Could justve been a story publicised to scare the people that throw that nekkid graff bash too..


Either way looks like it kinda sucks for writers in Boston.

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If the paint he was allegedly covered in matches the paint in his cans and those match the stuff on the trains.... they're as good as busted. If any of those links isn't true though, they'll get off the hook.


no. its like saying


"some dude robbed this place and took a snapple white tea with him

we found a person awhile later drinking snapple white tea... " etc etc.

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