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Graffiti Books / Commentary


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I'm looking for books on graffiti that aren't just tags, murals, or trains, but actually take a critical look at the artform in terms of cultural, sociological, etc. factors.


Bomb the Suburbs is an obvious choice, but can anyone make other recommendations?

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Style: Writing From The Underground


"First of its kind. A different look at the technical aspects of Writing, its primary causes, the various effects, and after effects. In forcing on its beginnings in NYC, the book examines the blueprint and links that has provided the extensive traditional chain upheld and regarded as "STYLE". A history and analysis from those who have lived and made this movement what it is today. The book's photo documentation spans three decades (70's, 80's, 90's) and consists of rare gems, mostly by writers themselves. Together they reveal a living archive that makes for an unprecedented incredible pictorial of the writers' as well as the culture's growth."


Interviews and photos: PHASE TWO, SPON, SKI 168, COCO144, LEE 163d, THE II CRUSHER, DUKE, VULCAN, ME 2, LTD I, DOME, DERO, SAK, DEZ, DAZE, etc..

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