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yo ive used etch but damb!!, are those pics of leaving your hand in there for like 3 minutes?

geez.. sure ive had some burns but nothing like that. SHYT!!



Maybe he was writin then got alot on his hands and had no way to get it off for a while.

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didnt u guys see fightclub

water on a chemical burn makes it worst

you gotta neutralize that shit



yeah good thing this isnt fight club then... the best way keep your hand from turning into raw meat is to stick it under running water right after you get the etch on your skin




i have legitimate training in the use of this shit

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^^^^^^you couldnt be more wrong, water will spread the burn and if anything will only delude the etch, if you were to neutralize the acids that areburning you on the other hand then you can wash and scrub your hands until there is no possible way that any of that etch is left

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Hand cleaner with lanolin in it, prior to handling it. Peel coat used by painters, to keep paint off of their hands. A spray bottle close by of baking soda dissolved in water or sodium bicarbonate. Gloves & goggles are always good! You can also use lime to nuetralize the skin. Washing is recommmended, but for 15 minutes straight. I worked for a guy who used a 6% solution to wash trucks and busses and it was bad Shit! He kept buckets everywhere with sodium bicarbonate dissolved in them and would slip hands, arms, feet, face or whatever in these buckets when the stuff splashed on him!



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i dont think those pictures are from etch, dont believe everything you read or see on the internet, the shit should be treated with care regardless but i dont believe those fliks r etch burns. there probably lifted of some medical site.

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