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apple juice diet


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I'll list another side effect: Diabetes. You shouldn't be having any of that sugar. This is the worst "detox" I've ever heard of. Where are you from? A swamp? they don't have nutritionists or naturopaths there?

I'm 2 weeks into a 6 week detox right now. No sugar, no yeast, no wheat, no soy, no beef, no pork. I can still eat lamb, turkey, chicken, rye bread and lots of ruit and veg. it's a walk in the park.

If you're actually concerned about your health, go see a professional for advice, not your uncle billy bob.

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Critics point out that the human liver, kidneys, lungs and skin have evolved to adequately expel environmental contaminants and are perfectly equipped to continue to do so unassisted. It has been posited that some fruits and vegetables may actually contain more natural toxins than animal substances such as meat, fish, and milk. Some critics cite the high mercury content in some fish as a risk factor. Additionally, sudden changes in diet have been linked to fainting and other medical issues.


Body fat stores the toxins the body is unable to eliminate[citation needed]; if low blood sugar levels force the body to begin rapidly metabolising large amounts of fat, then these toxins will be released into the bloodstream.[citation needed] Symptoms often mentioned are headaches, sore muscles, feelings of weakness, inability to sleep soundly, and irritability.[citation needed] These side effects are not normally denied, but are seen as a temporary discomfort well worth the cost of the health benefits detox diets are said to cause.


Detox diets may not be the safest form of weight loss if they are one of the restrictive ones (such as water fasting or the Master Cleanse) that may result in nutrient deficiencies. The lack of proteins in most detox diets (due to omitting animal products and legumes) often results in diminishing muscle mass due to insufficient amino acids for repair. With less lean muscle tissue, the body's metabolic needs decrease, which hampers weight loss efforts unless calories are lessened further in the diet.


While many people have provided testimonials to their health improvements in following a detox diet lifestyle, some of these people may have started the detox diet after coming off an unhealthy diet high in sugar and processed food that may lack nutrients. Any improvements cited from such people would only prove the effectiveness of a detox diet over an average diet, and not that it is the ideal diet that doesn't carry its own unique health risks.


see not a great idea.


bbc health on the topic: http://www.bbc.co.uk/health/healthy_living/your_weight/eatingwell_detox.shtml#do_they_work?

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sounds like jail son.


apple juice?? if you really want to detox i would think water would be the

way to run with it. Why dont you just try and live right instead of some

fly by the cuff apple juice detox? Drink alot of water. Eat healthy

work out .... put down the bottle for a week. quit smoking indefinitly...

they arent good for ya. they dont taste good they smell bad cost too

much... Take vitamins and shit

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