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so i fucked up


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Top Posters In This Topic

um nah seriously tease, a lot of your posts are some depresso i wish i had friends, i'll change my life after so and so happens etc etc type shit. you're right in saying we dont truly know you, but dudebro, work your own mind out... answers dont come from getting a raise and being able to buy that new tv or getting a bunch of new friends that you dont really connect with. its definately not the more the merrier when it comes to friends. and as gay as this is about to sound, take acouple months and just fucking analyze yourself, think about who you are instead of who you want to be, because seriously, your posts give off this vibe,





eh i just became disinterested. hopefully you catch the drift.


ive been trying to figure who i am, what im about, and analyzing myself for years on end... and will continue to throughout my life.


you can never stop improving / learning / growing in who you are... or atleast thats how i feel...


however, i do need to figure out why im not happy, and what makes me happy... and go look more into that...

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One thing I've realized is that most people only like to say they want these things.


Then they realize that 'growing as a person' means a lot of hard work and being made humble, and instantly fall back into old routines out of fear, pride and laziness.


Basically it's up to you to work at this shit (slowly) and not let yourself get distracted by the bullshit. All the advice you really need is already in this thread, but none of this is stuff that happens overnight.


Edit: And you don't have to become and uptight lame to do any of this shit. Just start doing it instead of talking about how to plan doing it.

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it was a joke...but not.


i've decided that if you're 30 and you have 5 solid friends, you're doing pretty good. once people get older, they get real self involved. if you know 5 people who take time our of their lives to kick it (in a sober setting) you're lucky.

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eeep. yeah i let my x keep all the friends in exchange

for the cat.

Most of the friends ive had in the last 15 years either

ended up ripping me off or the other way around.

I got this social problem where i take advantage of

people. Sometimes its pretty rutheless. I may be a

sociopath. I have to be really patient and pay attention

to what im doing or i naturally just flow towards that shit.


So yeah Teaso... if you dwell on it too hard its going to drag

you down... This will prevent new people from wanting to

know you. While you are planning and plotting this out

get some other things going on. I been reading books and

working out at the gym. It takes my mind off the bullshit.

Rest assured i got bigger problems than this on my plate

but i share your problem as well.

The gym is a pretty decent place to take care of this. First off

people only see the work out you. Not the Fubu you. You can

ask for a spot from dudes. You can hop on a machine next to

the ladies. The other thing about it is the same people show up

all the time so if you are friendly and around you will get an

opportunity to talk to some of them

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1- Maybe the expectations of your friends are too high? I've learned that quite often nice gestures, generosity, and loyalty to friends quite often are NOT recipricated.


2- I've noticed when I associate with the same group of people for too long I get sick of them and start finding faults with them, its usually nothing they're doing its a void within myself and I start making excuses why its there.


3- If you want new friends you have to really put yourself out there and ignore rejection. Things such as "What are you guys up to tonight? Oh that sounds fun, is there room for one more?" Personally i'm always welcomming because it often puts a new spin on things.


4- You seem to think money and material possesions will make your life easier and fill certain voids. It wont man.

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two words.




That alone will get you some classy dames in three seconds, and will scare the bejeeeeezums out of your dickhead friends. they wont want to come around.

I was reading this thread, toasted off my mind, reading all the serious replies, then when I stumbled across this I just wet myself (well nearly anyway!):lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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lots of good advice in here....


i read / saw on tv / something something something, that, even if you won the lotto, and youre still unhappy, something something something...


basically meaning, even if you had all the money in the world, it still wouldnt make you happy, and you need to figure out whats missing or making you not happy.


ive been trying to figure this shit out for the longest time. and there's not much that makes me happy except for good times with good friends, moments of success, sex (until i dont get any for a few weeks / months) , and money, again only making me momentarily happy...


i really dont know what the fuck to do with myself.


but cutting a lot of people out of my life and doing my own thing sounds like a good start.



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I honestly feel like I've watched Tease grow up on here. You can be good shit bro, I don't think I was ever as mean to you as the rest of the people on here.



I have never been good at make new friends, and as I get older it is much harder but it hasn't effected my business relationships at all, that's something totally different because i'm less concerned with my own short coming because i have my reputation as a businessmen to rely on............but in any services industry you have to rely on word of mouth and its hard just to shoot the shit with anyone but you get over it.



I'm reading a Rollin's book right now it has allot to do with being an outsider and a loner, he sums it up pretty well.

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