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I'm counting down the minutes, until I can be with you again

Ski Mask

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HS: There is a note from Tom saying that there is a problem with that shit...


Ese: Weren't you the one that posted the upside down hopper thingie? I was trying to show ink.Lunatic but I couldn't find it.


Pretty sure it was you.

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i feel proud of myself for never mixing with that

nonsense. It just goes to show.. I got impecable

style and tastes. Rugged good looks. And enough

pride to not advertize myself online. On some...

look at me... look at how awesome i am... this is

what kind of music i listen to... Let me say some

witty shit and see how many people comment on it.

let me show off my ass... arent i crazy... look at how

many friends i have.

That shits played

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yes, i lost contact with a bestfriend when times were rough.. and quite a few other really good friends..


sometimes i thought about deleting my shit. cause i do waste a lot of time on it. but its so easy to keep in touch with people. who cares im not on it for popularity.

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nah... not cool. Quite the opposite. I like to

steal and eat sticks till i black out. Of all the

people i met over the last 10 years i dont

want to see any of them and especially not online

when they are shamelessly self promoting

themselves on some dumb shit...

but go on ahead and defend your myspace

watch some mtv, drink some sprite

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