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the truth about Sublime


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i dont give a fuck who and who doesnt like this band.



it seems like most people who think they didnt do shit "musically" are people who dont even know whats musical.



writing music doesnt have some strict code that you must follow for your material to mean something

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"The Truth About I.C.P."




The truth about ICP is that they are a legendary graff crew from Philly that dates back to the 60's.

And there's also a ICP from SF that dates back to the 80's or early 90's from what I gather.


Out of respect to both ICP's, yall need to stop calling these idiot clown niggas "ICP".

Just call them Jugalos. Or Jugahoes.

Or idiot clown niggas.

Anything other than ICP.



That is all.

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Sublime lightens my mood always.


Something about brads voice, and how loosely they play takes all seriousness about my life away.. i love it. I love that the shit is hacked up together, poor quality and sounds like they had mad fun..wich is what life is about, no?


Badfish, poolshark, and boss DJ make me feel like depressed :D hahaha.


r.i.p Brad

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the members of Sublime are Drug enthusiasts

Yea I didnt know they did any thing other than smoke and drink for a while but then again that was when I WAS 9

How could you not know they mention drugs in just about every song they have.

They are not meth heads they have just experienced a shit load of drugs

I consider a Meth head to be someone that is addicted to meth which brad, eric, n bud are/were not If anything you would haveto call Brad a Hippy since the origion of the name hippy comes from opium addicts which brad ended up turning into

I dont think they are over rated sublime is my favorite group.

They actually lived hard lives since long beach is a "Ghetto"(at least back when they grew up) I mean even snoop dogg says they have street cred(and hes one of those old cali gangstas)

I could talk more but Im gonna let you all ask Q?

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