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Ko SprueOne

ENAMELIZED diecast train by Maisto Intl Inc.

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ENAMELIZED diecast train by Maisto Intl, Inc.


Released last summer 2006, by Maisto Custom Shop. These are the six toy freight train cars of the, ENAMELIZED Graffiti Diecast Train Collection, series one. The six names are; SMITH, CYCLE, JASE, CENSE, AREK, and CON. Each name printed on both sides of their own car. Five of the cars are boxcars and the sixth is a hopper.


I finally found one in a comic book shop and bought it. Carefully removing it from the blister pack, then setting them up next to other trains of different scales, I started taking pictures and measurements. I read a lot of forum posts regarding this series but I wanted to see scale comparisons and details, so here it is. Click on images for larger view.


Profile pictures of each can be viewed on the Maisto website, with their product search at: http://www.maisto.com



Their press release reads, "... approximately 1:131 scale replica...", which seems about right. Click on the images to see the larger view of the scale comparisons of common hobby train scales, HO and N scale. The enamelized train is 4.5 inches or (11.43 cm) in length. You can see the enamelized diecasts are between the two scales and not compatible with existing train layouts running on the same line.


th_smith_car_study_1.jpg th_smith_car_study_2.jpg th_smith_car_study_3.jpg


The "graffiti" on two of the trains, CON and SMITH, look too large and out of scale for the car it's printed on. CYCLE might be also, but it looks reasonable. Click on the image to see the digitally altered image of what scale size it should be, based on the picture/history card included in each pack.


th_smith_car_study_8.jpg th_smith_car_study_16.jpg th_smith_car_study_15.jpg th_smith_car_study_17.jpg



I rate these average. They look like scale freight train replicas at the same quality and detail level as other diecast replicas of the price range. They don't look and feel like clunky, chunky toys, but are not hobby grade, accurate, scale models either. The doors are molded closed and do not operate. All ladders, grab handles, brake wheel and rivets are shallow and molded on the one piece box. The wheel and suspension assemblies articulate with typical plastic couplers. The upper box is diecast metal and the carriage, wheels and assemblies are plastic, which make it top heavy. The piece of track and bedding is injection molded in one piece in black plastic.


th_smith_car_study_4.jpg th_smith_car_study_5.jpg th_smith_car_study_13.jpg th_smith_car_study_6.jpg

th_smith_car_study_7.jpg th_smith_car_study_10.jpg



With exception to the "graffiti" names, all of the boxcars have the same information deco printed on each one.

For example all are;

Cushion Underframe

B & O

482672, and all of the small print information on the right side.


th_smith_car_study_11.jpg th_smith_car_study_12.jpg




Four piece thermal formed blister pack with a two piece cardboard color deco insert.


th_smith_car_study_18.jpg th_smith_car_study_19.jpg th_smith_car_study_20.jpg

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Re: ENAMELIZED diecast scale model train by Maisto


they are sort of interesting idea.

You don't need an existing train set. The enamelized trains are not compatible with existing railroad scale tracks or collections anyway. pretty lame . I'd buy the whole series if I can find more in the stores.

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CENSE : ENAMELIZED diecast train by Maisto Intl Inc.


th_CENSE_car_study_1.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_7.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_8.jpg


The CENSE Enamelized Graffiti Train car is a hopper. But the card that is included shows a picture of what looks to me to be a container carrier, not a hopper. Anyway, here it is with detail shots.


th_CENSE_car_study_2.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_3.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_5.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_4.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_6.jpg


Two linked up look like this.


th_CENSE_car_study_9.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_10.jpg


These pics are of the bottom of the injection molded plastic track and bedding, to show the connection bosses.


th_CENSE_car_study_11.jpg th_CENSE_car_study_12.jpg

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the prototype picture on the card is from a Plate F car. Not the type of car that Maisto put it on. Howerver, it is scaled a little more accurately than the others in this series







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