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The fast food award thread..


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My brother from the queens side of the border, i gotta disagree on this one. They don't have checkers in mass and i never noticed em in ny until they opened one around the corner from the crib on nostrand. I got the bacon roadhouse and bacon cheese fries. The fries aren't bad but the meat has this weird taste i couldn't shake. The only thing i can think of to describe it is the ground beef you get at discount supermarkets. Idk maybe I'm crazy.


That new White castle at coney island's what's up tho.




Actually looked up fries supreme this time. They actually look way better than fiesta potatoes.


you can do it, i believe in you. The McDonald's mozzarella sticks are decent. Wish they had one or two more, but not bad for a dollar. The marinara had a lil kick to it.



you know you're in the ghetto when you see a checkers.



Means a lot man. Unfortunately I'm seeing the message too late tho.


Went to mickey's today and got the bacon clubhouse (jalapeno jump off slipped my mind)




It's pretty good i must say. And i got a bunch of mccoupons so i got 2 for 1. Would buy again.


I think most McDonald's around here stopped with mozzarella sticks. Mozzarella sticks are never a bad thing.


Burger king still needs to bring back them jalapeno poppers.


Shout outs to checkers on Pennsylvania ave. EAST NEW YAWWK!!!!

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surely they both have their ups & downs. the up being good taste & down being bad for you


wont lie, that looks good for a burger at mcdongs




I consign this burger men.


that burger looks good. Only I don't fuck with fast food bacon. I only eat bacon that's super beyond crispy. ever see what subway calls bacon? looks not even cooked and slimy as hell. no thanks.


Lol, i feel you. Subway bacon's not slimy, just super thin and unfulfilling.


And they only want to give you 8 pieces of that shit on a footlong blt.


That burger looks good indeed.


Subway uses meat glue here, it's illegal in the states I think. So nasty.


If they have it out in aussieland it gets my recommendation.


:lol: never heard of meat glue. Sounds super rank tho, and i wouldn't be surprised if it were being used here anyways.


i actually have never got a burger from checkers haha


basically get that little popcorn chicken/shrimp combo box that comes w fries for 3BUCKS out the door


its good as fuck and cheap and they give you a fork too so you can eat it on the train like a fucking gentleman


Word, i never knew they had popcorn shrimp. Could've guessed chicken, but shrimp? Just got it that once and never went back.

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They made my shit wrong tho. Dude made me a regular pizza with steak on it when i asked for a Philly steak.


Ended up going to the liquor store while they made me a new one.




Dawg. I pulled up to the drive thru and she said cash only . All i keep is plastic




Did they at least give you the first pie they messed up on? I would have offered them a few bucks for it if they didn't want to give it away free

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