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The fast food award thread..


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Shredded chicken would make those 100% better


Study abroad ass n***as mane


It was a good life.


I haven't really messed with fast food lately, but I still eat a lot of junk. Packing more lunches = less fast food and more money for beer and better meals out.


Post number 9/11 never forget.

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Real grown-up type decisions you're making there, respectable. i do the same with packing lunch although it helps that the workplace has no fast food nearby at all. the faithful have to drive to get it. there's an america joke in there somewhere.


Wish we had a dunkin donuts, that egg white breakfast sandwich with a wheat bagel and turkey sausage is calling my name.

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None of those colored condiments were adequate in the slightest.

Symbols was that sofritas ok?? might have to try.


i haven't tried it yet, just happy they have it

i only heard about it a week or so ago, and i usually only eat at home so it might be a few weeks before i go.


oh and btw, in spain it's called dunkin coffee

just saw this last month



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that is fucked, but portland has so many cutesie donut shops they're prolly scurred.



dunno why they can't take seattle.

i've heard enough people complain about starbucks burnt beans and the DD superiority to know there must be sumpin to it. that said, i'm a tea drinker so i dunno.


i will say: i cannot fucking STAND krispie kreme.

and i'm sure i'm way late to this party

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Just never liked it since I was a kid. No real reason that I can pin down. For the most part I do not like homemade food from other peoples houses. Has nothing to do with taste. Maybe because everyone has their own chili recipe and is always bringing it around? Don't know.

Just something that I don't like.

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