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VET TMC. vintage stuff

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yo zine!! yeah all's good man .. hope ur doing well too brotha ...



I remember taking this pic like it was yesterday..Winter of 88. Some of his best work was done that year. The pic that someone posted a page back with the Bode character shooting a load.That was done in 88 at the Webster Ave bridge. Vet was in his prime around this time. Alot of his pieces didnt have more then 5 colors in them, but the way he threw them in with his designs, and style set him apart from alot of people. Around this time(88) he had quite a few names. Vet, Has, Come, Sec, and June. He probably did more with some of those names individually then other dudes with their own tag..

The last piece he did at this particualar spot was in late 89, or 90..It was a e to e that said "Sick Fucken Saro" (Saro was another name he started writing around 89). It took up the whole side of the bridge. Jase, and I had no idea that he had done this big production, and we went to the spot just to see if anything new was there to take flix of..THe shit blew our minds when we went under the bridge. We must of sat across the tracks in silence staring at it for a half hour ..hahah...

Oh yeah..Vet is still around in 07..He is doing just fine. Funny thing is to this day he still has no clue how much influence he had on alot of guys..

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Damn. Old New Rochelle High School spot. You cant tell in this pic, but if you see the Has up close there are all these war threats between Vet, and this dude Mine FBI. "Ill kill you", and funny shit like that written all throughout it in marker...The opposite side of this he had a Seck piece that was probably from 84. It was up high, but faded over years. Think they knocked this wall down in 94..

The one he did after this on this wall was str8 insane..Gotta see if i can dig up the flix..It was a halloween production..He did it was Ces (Vet did a June piece), and they did this evil pumpkin, with a graveyard behind it..

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Shouts to Jent .. Whatever happened to the Tattoo Nomads?

You or Pav put me down a looong time ago ..The conversation

went like this "You got tattoos??..Yes..Ok your down!!" lol it was hilarious ...

Big Ups to you and Pavo ..Killin Fr8's back in the day ..

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i hear ya man .. same here .. i semi retired in 2000 ..always kept up my skills though

and watched what was goin on. i started postin and reading these threads and for the most part its been nothing but trouble . soooo many little kids or grown men with the mindset of kids on them .. Glad i got back in touch with a few heads though and met some new writers that are keepin this shit alive the right way , like my man tgunner ..yo get up in this book im sending to tgunner if you can .. TATTOO NOMADS 2008

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