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-- HaAaLF DEaEAD? --


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dont you hate the kids that come on here, post in like EVERY cities thread of their opinions about writers from cities they know NOTHING ABOUT...unless you live in that city or you frequent there, keep your trap shut.


and besides, SUMO and SAMO look nothing alike

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actually i know alot about sumo and alot about samo and alot about the cities they are from and the crews they are in. it was actually not meant to be just pure hate i just wanted to point it out so he could maybe change his stuff up a little. if you want me to post pictures to support my argument then just say so. i do post in alot of other threads and yeah usually it is talking badly about some writers usually with no intent on bettering the person usually just because i think they are geting more credit thatn they deserve. sumo is good, i just think if you are doing that style you might want to chose a word that is at least not 3 out of 4 of some one elses letters who has already been doing those letters in that style for a long time before you


not hating, mereley a critique. some people cannot tell the difference

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ok i wasnt trying to be a dick by posting pictures but now i will. if this is sumo then cmon dude just look. if its not then you are digging your friend a deeper grave. if you truly think there are no similarities then this is a lost cause. and why dont you try to be a little less bias. im not saying that samo even cares i just want people who i know are actually good at graffiti to do something different and progress with style not just recycle what has been done.







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