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Full bath, 3 bedrooms, homo dungeon, back porch, etc etc.

After School Special

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^No. you tried to clown me for taking too long to reply. I was looking at other threads. Then I came back with the fact that one of your names was at the bottom of the screen for mad long while you were trying to come up with some whitty comeback. or maybe you were just thumbing through the dictionary trying to pull my card on some spelling or gramer shit.:lol:

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Owe is a strong word, I never made any promises.


I said I had them, and am waiting for a cable to get the vid off my camera. The cable is in the process of being bought. No scanner means no pics, as all I have are legit photos, and without a scanner I can't put them on to my comp.


So looks like you are out of luck today my friend.

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