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I'm back....

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Well for those of you that even realised I was gone.. I have returned.


I just changed jobs and it took these paper shuffling turkeys here about 2 weeks to get me and internet account. The net security is a shitload tighter here too.. :o but some access is better than none I spose.


Oh yeah, whilst on the subject of net security.. does anyone know of a way to download shockwave through a tight as fuck firewall ?? Any help would be appreciated.


Peace to those that missed me.


10 - 4

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by the look of it you don't have admin rights on your workstation. ask your network administrator to hook that up for you (if they're not bitches). also ask them ask if they have a socks server. get yourself a program called sockscap32, then run internet explorer and any other internet tools thru that. it will bypass your firewall. bob's your uncle

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