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david beckham to play for L.A. Galaxy

Theo Huxtable.

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I read an article that said Canada, USA, and Finland are the only countries in the world that don't regard soccer as the number one sport (those Finns and their hockey).


As for why Americans don't like it, I strongly reccomend reading How Soccer Explains the World by Franklin Foer, himself an American. It's a great read regardless of your knowledge or interest in the sport, and he has some great explanations as to why Americans and soccer don't mix (tradition, patriotism, the fear of European influence, etc.)





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Yeah, Aussie rules is way more popular in the less populated states, and rugby is big in NSW and Qld.


In Perth, it is almost as if rugby doesn't exist.


Maybe rugby's popularity is somewhat effected by the fact that there is 2 different versions of the game? That is why I regard rugby players as meatheads, as they can't even agree on the rules of the game, hence the dichotomy that exists.


And the reason I think soccer isn't big in the US is because they probably realise that they will get their arses kicked at a game they didn't invent. Even the NBA these days is getting dominated (or at least infiltrated) by Euro's.

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And the reason I think soccer isn't big in the US is because they probably realise that they will get their arses kicked at a game they didn't invent. Even the NBA these days is getting dominated (or at least infiltrated) by Euro's.


i don't think that's it. there's plenty of sports that are popular here that americans didn't invent. hockey, boxing, etc. it's not popular here because most people think the sport is boring, and it never really spread here.


the nba is still over 80% african american. it's not getting dominated by europeans.

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football won't ever dominate in the us for the same reason basketball or baseball will never be particulary popular in england, a lack of interest at a street level. there's thousands of amateur teams in london, it's the main sport at schools, etc., that's what makes it popular, not multi-million pound advertising campaigns.

although a mil a week is a LOT of money, so somone somewhere obviously thinks americans could take a liking to football.

also, I would've thought hispanic americans would follow football, what with the fact that mexico and south america have propper independant leagues that don't need money to keep people interested.

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well, hispanic-americans do like soccer. when you go to the MLS games, the people closest imitating European soccer fans are the Mexicans. they've got their chants and their costumes and facepaint and all that shit. just without the gang fighting and rushing the field and shit.


but most hispanics in the U.S. prefer watching soccer in the Latin American leagues rather than the MLS.

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Well, Beckham did sign~


Someone finally took the bait~

he was the prime candidate to anyway..

I mean come on..

Beckham IS Los Angeles~





I hope it does good things for the MLS and for his carrer, a uniquely comfortable bow-out will do~

he's been a great contributor to the sport after all is said and done~



And now it's even looking like Edgar Davids (Tottenham/Nederland) is thinking of joining FC Dallas~ He's another one past prime and even in international retirement, only playing club ball,

but that'd be none-the-less great for the MLS.. I may tune in a bit more for non-local matches..


I live up in NY and I'll say this,

I watch all the typical American sports, but 9 of 10 of them are only those of the local teams..

and I'd say that's about typical for 70% of the viewing public..


There's a nice niche market for soccer/football in the USA..

and the US audience appreciates the grandeur of the World Cup, and do follow important international matches..

but again that's primarily because the USA is everyone's "local team" in the World Cup~(!)



As far as the MLS goes and these numbers being used,

I'll say this,

about 60% of the dedicated viewing public of the MLS are Hispanic,

which in many demographic's makes it seem more of a Latin American festivity..

and furthers it's sub-culture position.

But on the other hand, attracting hispanic-centered advertisers..which of course are the sponsers of all this going on to begin with..


Another factor,

due to the large Hispanic population in the US, any American who is interested in the sport can

just as easily tune in to the Mexican League matches.. or any number of international club matches on the spanish-language public(free) stations..

..And if they subscribe to cable or satelitte, they can turn to "Fox Soccer Channel" (packed with Canadian and British "Sky" shows)

and watch matches from EPL, Series A, the occasional Ligue 1, La Liga, Eridevise, Bundesliga, South American leagues and all types of internationals..

and a heavy hand of UEFA coverage every time a stage play comes about~



So note this about that map,

Thailand's most popular sport is soccer/football..right?

But Thailand has never qualified for World Cup play,they have veritably no domestic league ..

and their true national sport, Muay Thai, is even the most popular sport of it's neighbours !

Yet everybody's around TVs, filling bars,restaurants and even streets! , to watch the matches that the rest of the world is watching~


What I mean is that the success of the MLS and the popularity of soccer/football in America

are not two fates which are necessarily linked




Anyway, America's a big place..

and it does, for better or worse, have a larger effect on the world than then rest of the world has on it..



And, if you argue that America should be interested in soccer/football because millions of other people are,

then we should all be watching table tennis with the 2 Billion Chinese too.. ne?









Bolton 08!

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football (soccer) is bigger than gaelic in ireland.


rugby and aussie rules dominate australia. that map is definately wrong.



abc thats not fully true soccer is huge in ireland but gealic have an 80,000 seater stadium its more in the big cities in ireland like dublin belfast drogheada cork etc that are mainly soccer.. the rest the 32 counties are all Gealic football focused...







pause for the floood of LA Galaxy clothing pumped into shops over here...




victoria beckham... smash!

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