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Liberate the Hmong from Genocide

michael savage

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so, a quick history lesson...during the vietnam war the United States found soldiers in those indiginous to the lands they were fighting. many of you know that the vietnam war wasnt only fought in vietnam but also in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Within those countries lies a people of the land, thosoe people are known as the Hmong people. The history of the Hmong is quite merky. while it's perceived the Hmong people originated in Mongolia, thats not exactly the case. Many historians believe the Hmong were forced up into the mountains of China near the Mongolian border from their homelands of the rural villages of southeast asia. the chinese then drove them back, and the Hmong have been under great resistance to leave ever since. anyway, during the vietnam war, the United States asked the Hmong people for their help. The deal was that if the Hmong people fought against the communisit vietnamese, they would be given citizenship in the United States. The Hmong were already at war so to speak with much of south east asia, so they decided to help. They proved to be a great asset, and the United States kept to their word. But problems arose when many Hmong families didnt wish to leave or couldnt leave because of sickness and other such problems. the window for their citizenship quickly closed and many of those who heled the US were now stuck in their home, where those around them saw only traitors and the hate for the Hmong grew substantially in countries like Laos and Vietnam. To this day, the genocide of the Hmong people continues. They pose no threat, for they are quiet villagers, who because they lack a country, are held in scorn.

i'd like to dedicate this post to the Hmong people and their fight against genocide. the world can sit back and worry about the poor kids in africa like brangelina, or gay marriage, or why kids are fat from eating mcdonalds, but i'm going to worry about the Hmong.


The folling pictures were taken today and yesterday, except the last 15 or so are from the archive...enjoy, and please wait till i'm done...

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my ex girlfriend was hmong,i had never heard of hmong ppl till i met her.crazy to see somthing about it.


haha, my current gal is hmong, i'd never heard of them either. her and her family have really opened my eyes to whats going on. it's typical that we dont hear much about them, they're quiet family oriented people. much like the real asia. i've had the opportunity to travel south east asia multiple times and the hmong people seem to be keeping truest to their culture (the elders that is). the younger generation is very americanized. anyway...

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