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Cheif Wantalotacokkk


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...kinds of chips from best to worst


1. Andy Capp HOT FRIES for 99cents this huge bag is in a category of its own

2. FLAMING HIZNOT CHEETOS unfuckwitable-will turn your shit red after one 99 cent bag. Remember to never mix with beer

3. KRUNCHERS JALAPENO spicier than a motha

4. XTREME DORITOS BBQ the amount of flavor on these twists is crazier than your monkeys uncle

5. FRITOS BBQ FLAVOR TWISTS jazzy phat nasty.



whatchou thought it twas' duke?!?!?



some kinds of bad chips ive experienced are...


1. Bordens SPicy CHeese DOoodles...a direct bite off FLAMING HIZNOT and they taste milky

2. Baked Frito Lays i get these at SUBWAY sometimes but they are all wack even BBQ

3. SALSA FRIES...too salty and tangy

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Guest fr8lover

mmmm...andy capp hot fries...been down with those since elementary school, id splurge on a bag of those and a slush puppy!


youre missing art and mary jalepeno chips...those shits literally BURN your mouth...but you cant stop eating them...


you all must get art and marys chips, dill pickle is great too...


cape cod chips are good too!

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