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Over Collectibles

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Over Collectibles is basically a new way of promoting garaffiti and bringing it to people in an alternative to books, mags and video. Over Collectibles are collectible graffiti cards featuring artists from all over the US and the rest of the world. It is being run b y 2 writers out of New Jersey and all artwork is submitted voluntarily and is used with the consent of the artists participating.


So far the artists included are:






























MASE ONE (Australia)


PILFER (Australia)










SIRUM (Australia)










SUMO (Australia)


And new artists are being added every day.



If your interested in participating in this movement or just want some more info then check out our myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/overcollectables Or feel free to email us at: overcollectables@gmail.com.


We are always looking for artists that use whatever medium but have an understanding and an appreciation for graffiti art and the culture.


Our first series should be launched in late January so stay tuned for future news.


This is a rough look at how the cards will be printed. They are also gonna packaged in the same way as upper deck and Topps baseball and basketball cards







(if this is posted in the wrong section im sorry and feel free to move it)

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I hope to god this is a joke. Yeah I WANT A BUNCH OF FUCKIN KIDS RUNNING ARROUND LIKE bitches LOOK TOMMYFUCKERJOE I GOT A CHARAZARD!!! (enter cope2 here) HOLY SHIT MIKEYASSHOLE i got a blaster!


this is an idea that while i say good job for thinking and being pro active..will only promote kiddies to look at graff like a cheap collectors item

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It's not a bad idea, I mean what other venues doe we have to look at graff through? The internet...mags...real life...thats it.

Its another way for us to see out shit out there. I say go for it. Fuck it I wouldn't mind having a card..hahahaha

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EDIT TO MY PREVIOUS POST As I sat there and thought about it though, I couldnt get the image of little kids running arround with the cards, If the audience that you are aiming for is the older more mature groups, I feel that this is a very cool idea. I was even compelled to send you art work. And what I posted was the reaction i got when the image of little kids running arround with them as trading cards became stuck in my mind. I actually in hindsight say that this is a good idea.

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Alot of work and time has gone into these cards and all the art submitted is volunteered and sent in by the artist. Magazines and books have been printing graff for years without consent from the artists and this is just an alternative to books and mags only we have permission to use the work.


these are just another collectable item like a painted model train or you favorite color rusto can with a SEEN tag, people who enjoy collectors items and graff will enjoy these.

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This is gay. Way gay. Why collect cards when you already have more flicks than this card collection ever, EVER will? Because two dumbasses from Jersey think they've found a loophole into graffiti fame as card producers. End of discussion.

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Sent via interweb:

i dont really see how its a loophole. would you mind explaining that ? we never will have as many flicks as you can steal from the internet thats true but we will have something that dudes can actually hold on to and look at. dont tell me you never had paper flicks that you swapped and had with friends ? this is the same thing except there a bit more than just a photo.


fair enough on having an opinion man butt id like to know how you think this is a loophole.




FLX121, you're on another floor to me. Have fun with your gay cards. Do I need to explain HOW you're a lazy punk who can't get up so you've resorted to graffiti e-fame by claiming responsibility for the silliest trading card set In the history of trading cards? If you don't realize yet the only way to catch graffiti fame is to actually paint, you're wasting your life with your faggot little cards. Just kill yourself. Don't message me again.

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this have been done over germany years ago and many times,they did a set with some topnotch bomber from berlin even including the number of day in jail they have done..wake up it's 2007,and you're very welcome to last year,at last last century,,hahahahaha

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hey man im sorry your so upset about the idea of a collectible graffiti product.


As i said this is a just a new way of promoting graffiti its obviously not for everyone. And im still confused with how im personally going to catch fame by printing other peoples artwork? could you please explain that maybe ?


We paint and have an invlovment in our little scene here in jersey and we thought of a new way of presenting graffiti that doesnt exploit anyone and actually promotes graffiti as something positive. So im just a little confused by some of your comments.


Once again im sorry your so emotional about the idea, but hopefully i have been able to clear a few things up for you.


Giving you constructive criticism is a conflict of interest. I don't want to help you. I just want you to die.

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feel the love...


any ways...graffiti cards with stats huh? wow thats no where near as fun or meaningful

to me as having to sneak a around a yard with your camera to catch flicks and trade them with people who did the same.. not purchase them off line.. graffiti is dirty .. grimey... and ruff on the edges not sold in sets of 12 with a stick off gum..


preach on soup..

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