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I was just watchin TV

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K-Fed isn't even that big... he looks tall cuz his body proportion... long torso or arms or something. He stood next to Jay Leno and was shorter and Leno is 5'11"... K-Fed is maybe 5'8".

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I wish he'd get into a car accident and die. Or come down with pancreatic cancer.


You know when people shoot a bullet into the air, you figure it has to come down somewhere, right? The perfect crime would be to hire a kid from MIT to calculate the wind velocity, trajectory and all that bullshit, so you could shoot a high powered rifle into the air somewhere outside of Los Angeles, and have it pop right through his bedroom window and kill him as he masturbated to gay incest porn. Then the maid finds the body and the whole scandal ruins the tattered remains of his 15 minutes for all eternity. If there is a God, this will come to pass.

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