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Stupid markers question (sharpie paint markers)


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I hate these threads just as much as the rest of you.


I DID check and couldn't find an answer to this question and it's real specific.


I already have a good assortment of markers I use and am happy with but if there's something better out there, I'm always willing to try it.


Before I put down some money on an expensive ($15) set of paint pens, I just wondered something about it.


I've used Decocolors and had problems with them sticking to the other pages in my book and rubbing off on the covers really easy.


Anyone used Sharpie paint pens to know if they don't stick to the other pages?


Simple question.


Like I said, I searched and couldn't find an answer to this one so if the admins want to delete it, just post a link to the answer before you shut it down (if it has actually been posted before).



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They do make white decos in both fat and thin sizes but like I said... problems with the sticking and rubbing off for me.


However, I have neither of those problems with Zig white opaqing markers which come in a fine point size about the width of a mechanical pencil lead on up to big-ass chisel tips.


I found mine at Michaels.


I also use Elmers paint pens which come in two sizes and cover nicely without any rubbing off or sticking.


Those are the two I highly recommend.

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Heh... I use Sharpies and Prismas plus the Bic permanent marker set has gotten nice and blends well with the Sharpies. I use Elmer's paint markers and tons of little shits here and there like Zig's for hilights and metallics.


Just to answer the question, I use paint markers on the cover of my blackbook, to go over shit like halos over complex backgrounds, drawing on shit I pasted into my blackbook and lots of shit like that.

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copics are the shit but until you absolutely know what your doing then i would say sticking to what you usually use or cheap ass markers until you get the technique completely down.

cuz copics are like 5-6 bucks a pen and they are worth the money but theres no point on buying expensive markers when you dont know what your doing.remember the pens dont make the writer,you could bust a dope ass piece with cryola,sharpies,etc.i mean prismas are dope but you should really progress with shitty markers first then go out and buy/rack high price markers.i know a dope ass writer who kills with copics but thats because he knows what hes doing,and im pretty sure he can still make a pretty sick piece with cheap markers.

but yeah you should've just post a comment in a marker thread or something cause there is a very similar theard in the cross fire forum.but hey what do i know??haha

ill post some of my shit in a lil bit


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sharpies and reg.pen the backround is paint pens


sharpies top part is paint pen


all sharpies

got more shit these are all for battles in the battle thread

just giving an example on how sharpies can look just as good as them expensive shit

i'll try post some flix of the guy i was talkin about who kills with copics

remember i never said i was the best im just trynna use the sharpies until i get it on lock down every writer has his or her own choice in pens

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