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What's in your Queue?

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Post your netflix/blockbuster queue's!

So far I have over 60 movies, help me weave out some of the shit or recommend some new shit.










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Holy crap..Talk about a queue......I've got like 4 in mine, and I'm too lazy to get a screen shot..

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At home:


Twenty Bucks




Miami Vice








A Scanner Darkly


Ice Age 2: The Meltdown


Jackass: Number Two


Transformers: The Movie


Time Code


In the Name of the Father


Three... Extremes




Corpse Bride




Find Me Guilty


Lady Vengeance


Awesome: I F**kin' Shot That!


The Matador


Hard Candy


The Jacket


Full Metal Jacket


2001: A Space Odyssey


Tetsuo: The Iron Man


Good Night, and Good Luck


Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai


The Descent


Who Killed the Electric Car?


Monster House


World Trade Center


Over the Hedge








Brotherhood of the Wolf


Confessions of a Burning Man

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Get rich or die trying, just delete it, it is so fucking bad it is unbelieveable.


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so over-rated.

I never got why people love this film.


its very well executed dark humor. there really isnt anymore to get than that. maybe other people have something else to say about it but personally i just think its a clever movie.

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queue is a proper way of saying waiting in line


i hear british people say it all the time



also they say "where abouts"


like "where abouts is the restroom?"





i like that thats pretty cool




















































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At Home:


1. Branded to Kill


2. The Hills Have Eyes


3. Grandma's Boy




DVD's In Your Queue:



1. The Great Silence


2. Four of the Apocalypse


3. Guns & Guts


4.Oasis of the Zombies


5. Mark of the Devil


6. Seven Blood Stained Orchids


7. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things


8. Female Yakuza Tale


9. Sex & Fury


10. Peeping Tom


11. The Man from Deep River


12. Lucio Fulci: The House by the Cemetery


13. Lucio Fulci: The New York Ripper


14. Africa Addio: Directors' Cut


15. Operation Iron Man / Undaunted Wu Dang


16. Jungle Holocaust


17. Astro Zombies


18. The Ghost Galleon


19. Nail Gun Massacre


20. Pinky Violence Collection: Criminal Woman


21. The Pornographers


22. 42nd Street Forever: Vol. 1


23. Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41


24. Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice


25. Hanzo the Razor: The Snare


26. Pinky Violence: Girl Boss Guerilla


27. The Body Beneath


28. Ugetsu


29. Dario Argento: Vol. 1: Phenomena


30. Dario Argento Collection: Vol. 1: Inferno


31. Phenomena


32. Women of the World


33. Mondo Cane 2


34. In a Glass Cage


35. Harakiri


36. After Life


37. Gate of Flesh


38. Tattooed Life


39. Story of a Prostitute


40. Night of the Bloody Apes / Feast of Flesh


41. The Mansion of Madness


42. Alucarda


43. Asylum of Satan / Satan's Children


44. They Shoot Horses, Don't They?


45. Satan's Sadists


46. Blood of Ghastly Horror


47. Brain of Blood


48. Horror of the Blood Monsters


49. Psycho a-Go-Go / Rawhide Terror


50. Bad Azz Muthaz: Kid Vengeance


51. Slaughter


52. Bucktown


53. Coffy


54. Singapore Sling

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