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:lol: theres no stopping in wickets


maybe if your dealing with circles..then no there would be no use for my non literal use of the word stop ..


but i was considering each point in a square or triangle top a stop... if not a actual stop more of a new starting point of a new line


even though you hit these ( ending) marks with out actually stopping and taking the pen off the paper or finger off the nozzle



am i really gonna stop in the middle of each letter each time im hitting a wall then restart 8 times retard


common sense in this situation would say .... no

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the last couple of pages were the best ever. ..more lists ..more out of towners talking shit.

more stickers...more arguing!! oh snap i just played myself with this post. ima go keep it really real for a minute. be back later.







doesnt matter who says what..its the internet. its corny.

and oh...you wouldnt believe who looks at the internet... ive heard that gay line like 20 times on and off the internet.. who gives a fuck..its THE INTERNET.

i wish there were 30 lefty2 types on here.


im lefty2 by the way.

fuck this thread.

fuck all these wack ass sites.

yeah im e-thuggin.. come see my domain name nukka!! proxy servers biooootch!!!


fuck i played myself again..snap son!

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this is how i feel about the past pages .. for one .. graffiti lives in the street ..not on the internet .. the internet is a photo album for the graffiti you see in your daily life .. your not suppose to post pics of your shit for different reasons (you suck and self promo) .. people will always self promo.. I guess its ok once in a while .. but it jus gets played out .. and this lefty2 guy is soft .. nobody does stencils .. take that to the stencil thread .. this is GRAFFITI thread .. not a cut out kindergarten class .. this is for the people who use the spray can to make graffiti not fill in a cut out .. thats gay and you should stop cause you cant stencil a piece and you cant beef with someone with a fuckin stecil .. level 5 and you're gone .. no one knew u was there .. its a cheap way of doing graffiti .. its like having robots or some shit .. tryna make something perfect.. everytime .. not everything is gonna b perfect .. and stenciling is not the only part of graffiti .. heres what i break it down to :hands, throwies, st8letters, pieces, stickers, rollers.. you kno ..and just cause you can get on the internet and talk a whole bunch of yip yap doesnt mean shit .. youre jus trynna hype yourself up.. and you probly just do graffiti cause your friends do it and u wanna look kool .. keep it real .. stop bitchin and pick up a can and write your name not stencil it .. you might fool the toys but you aint fooling us homie ..

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as far as stopping in wickets i have always reffered to them as knots its a place where your line changes direction. Or if any of you have a better under standing for music it is like a pause in musical writing, the instrument doesn't stop but pauses for a single beat.

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