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Took a trip from Pittsburgh to philly about 2 years ago and caught a couple cool flicks.              

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Hate to seem like an oldhead thats hatin..but...that Donk shit is wack ..no hand ..no style ..wack markers etc... and does everyone know Boner is from Brooklyn?? Isn't anyone mildly embarrassed that a Bk kid is killing this city ??? what the fuck is going on?? Mad respect to Boner but wow ..What the fuck happened to Philly graf ?? Too much Motherfuckin talkin and Internet shit ..Get the fuck out and Bomb .. And everyone posts sooo much Boner shit like they are all proud of him .. It's kind of embarrassing.. all i see is real old shit or Boner shit .. No disrespect to Ya'll that are bombing ..you know who you are..No need to name names .. I see you .. Please don't respond with some hatin on me bullshit too .. Just stating a fact that's all .. Peace ..




There are alot of writers with no hand, no style - but I give the TRUE oldhead his props.. Donk has been around for a LONG time..


Boner is a Beast.....

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There are alot of writers with no hand, no style - but I give the TRUE oldhead his props.. Donk has been around for a LONG time..


Boner is a Beast.....


You know I was going to keep my opinion to myself, But i see ya'll are a bunch of "Yes Men"

look just because a bad writer was writing 40 years ago ( not necessarliy Donk ) and they continue to do so, with no advancement in thier style or nothing new brought to the table, doesn't instantly give them credibilty. It is what it is, it's just disturbing to see 5-6 motherfuckers analyzing Donk's "style" or lack thereof and marker technique like he's Picasso. It's a bad tag , bad style, bad marker from a guy who wrote for 40 years .. That's it end of story. By your reasoning any wack writer that stays alive for 30-40 years will instantly have cred and be regarded as an oldschool master, now i wonder how many of you really beleive that about some of the garbage writers out there now??!!??!!?? ...


And yes Boner is a Beast..But he's an Out of Towner and thats all i see on here. I mean have some self respect..Isn't anyone in Philly (This is Philly right??!!?) doing anything worth posting besides him .. Wow

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Yes man

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Yes man is a pejorative term for a person who outwardly displays agreement with his superiors' opinions in order to gain power or prestige. Such behaviour is said to be common in role-oriented organizations where decision-making power or prestige is concentrated in the few.


In other words people who are so Politically Correct and afraid of "Rocking the boat" they go along with everyone else's opinions and never tell a person or persons what they truly think.

Ie: " Yeah man that wall you did was hot" while your really thinking.."Man that shit aint worth the paint they wasted" lol

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Pre one..... Donk ..... had your rep... and he wrote with paint too back in the day....

I have never seen your name on anything but a picture of a frieght car in "on the go" mag or on the internet.. there are those that would say legal walls and frieghts are bullshit and I believe that's your specailty....

check yourself ...

yes you have great style but theres more to this game than style.... .....

as for boner..... I hate his name... I hate the cute little face in the "B" .. I hate all the self promo ... but fuck If I was out writting now I'd probably be bombing with him I love the way he bogarts spots... yeah that's the way I tried to do it too

and as too philly writers ..what about the guy he's writing with 4-ever ... isn't he from philly .....didn't he have the el roofs on lock a few years back...

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