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i wonder if anyone in philly ever looks at the shit that other cities and countries are doing

- then you can really understand how wack and disgusting [CURRENT]philly graffiti is -

if philly started graffiti then it was stunted at birth because it never progressed past tagging

seriously you tag when your 13-14 and then you PROGRESS!!

and all that PHILLY IS A TAGGING TOWN shit is bullshit

tell mb dazzle aj pep ez car rh not pez prize clyde sub espo suroc dazer met delta braze kape booster kad prink sef new denske sew spel dan1 jesc pre share [outtatowner] credit blint dru parish lover [rip] etc etc etc that philly is a tagging town..you fuckin retards

your just salty and jealous that skrew got style and boner got ill throwups and all you can BARELY do is a shitty black tag and 80% of you cant even get them right

your shits weak son MAD WEAK

war3 out

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I'm from Philly I don't care about any graffiti anywhere but Philly and maybe NYC... Philly beat down holds check .. disrespect .....protect your neck.... otherwise save the rap ... graff meetings stopped all this sucker ass bullshit ... in philly if you want real rep .. it's all that .. tags, throws pieces, ups, style, and fight game, but if your too pussy to even come to a meeting and you hiding on Amtrak or in the house.. you will never be considered a king .. because you are a BITCH!!!!!! don't get it twisted ... If you think this applies to you.. it does.. if this irritates you may I suggest VAGASIL .. I hear it works well on dirty little pussies

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Do people really care that much about the R lines? I always looked at them as more practice type spots or something to do when your bored. Yea a lot of people see some of them but thats just how I always looked at them. So if you dont want skrew (or anyone else) going over you just write on the streets. Then if they do atleast you have a more legit reason to get mad

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